Sunday: Etc

It just dawned on me, when we say “baby photography” do we mean teach the baby about photography, or photographing the baby, or both?

Which brings us to the headliner Creative LIVE ON-AIR free-to-watch class, starting on Sunday at 12pm ET, “Baby Plans: Photographing the Early Years” with Julia Kelleher, with a runtime of 14 hours and 19 minutes, so it will only stream once during the free-streaming window.

More name-brand products have been added to the rotation at the Adorama Top Deals, while the B&H dailies, because of a holiday, remain the same.

AND IF YOU want to crash your Kindle, Sunday usually has more ebooks on offer at Amazon, the Sunday sale includes Andy Weir (of Matt Damon’s potato fame), Blake Crouch, Hyperion and other scifi classics, Alice Walker, Strange and Norrrelll, James Herrriottt, Joan Didion, U. Eco, Carl Sagan, and lots more!