Sony a7r III with boatload of freebies for $3200 at authorized Sony USA dealer: 128GB Extreme PRO SDXC, Bower Slave Flash, Corel PSP X9, Monopod, Etc

The first development from the just-updated Stock Status Tracker is that the new condition Sony a7r III body only is now getting a boatload of free accessories for the same price of $3200 by authorized Sony USA dealer Beach Camera on eBAY.

The freebies include a mix of useful and trinkety:

+ 128GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC
+ Bower SFD328 Bounce and Swivel Slave Flash
+ Corel Paintshop PRO X9
+ Sony carrying case
+ generic rechargeable LED light
+ 72-inch XIT XT72MP monopod with soft case
+ 12-inch spider-style rubberized tripod
+ wrist strap
+ universal shutter release
+ leaf blower (oops, I mean, lens blower)
+ cleaning lens pen
+ generic accessories kit (cleaning, mini tripod, etc)

You may need tn excavation team to find the camera in this delivery box 🙂 This can be handy if you need some of the accessories, while you can give away the rest to friends and family who may need them, or use them to put together “camera starter kits” for friends and family. Or donate them to local photography clubs or schools.