Shimoda Explore 60, LitePanels Brick BiC OnC LED, Benro, 2pk speaker bags

Holiday-closing at B&H, which means the latest B&H Photo daily deals run until Sunday at 11:59pm ET, so you have 72 hours to decide if you want them or not!

+ Shimoda Explore 60 Backpack (Blue Nights) for $120

+ 2-pack of Gator Universal Speaker Tote Bag Kit for 8″ Speakers for $80
+ that’s $40 per bag!
+ it doesn’t have pictures of inside the bag, but imagine the size of an 8″ speaker if you want to repurpose these for camera gear
+ also of interest if you literally “bag the bag” for extra protection
+ yes, bag inception is a thing!

+ a rare occasion indeed, TWO different bag options in the daily deals!

+ LitePanels Brick Bi-Color On-Camera LED Light for $289~
+ because [all together now] we can’t have photo-graphy with-out light!

+ Benro ArcaSmart Sidearm Camera Tripod Mount & Smartphone Clamp for $25

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