(ENDED) Samsung NX3000 w/20-50 & 50-200 & Flash & Case & LR5 for $400

This daily deal expired…

The main Amazon gold box deal of the day, good until 3am ET on Wednesday (or earlier if sold out) is a sale on the new condition Samsung NX3000 Two Lens Kit (20-50mm, 50-200mm, Flash, Bag, Lightroom 5) for $400 with free shipping. It is available in either black or white color schemes. Limit five per color per customer (Samsung wants to grab market share!).

PS: the Flash and Lightroom 5 come standard with the standard NX3000 with 20-50mm kit. Samsung has a bundling deal with Adobe.

UPDATE: as S.W.A pointed out in the comments below, Samsung maybe exiting the camera business altogether. They exited some markets (eg UK, Germany) already, and haven’t released a new iLC camera since February 2015 (NX500) ~ see Cameras of 2015. It’s possible they’ll just let the system quietly go away via inaction, or hand it off to another company. Samsung is rather notorious for starting a million projects and being a little too impatient with them. At least back then with the GX-system people could use the Samsung camera gear on Pentax K-systems.


  1. S.W. Anderson says

    “Samsung wants to grab market share!”

    More likely Amazon wants to offload soon-to-be-orphaned cameras, before most consumers realize Samsung is getting out of the camera business. That said, for consumers who understand the situation and are comfortable with it, this is quite a good deal.

    • Was there a conclusion to that or still up in the air? Samsung is certainly not shy about starting and then cancelling projects left and right. I’ll update the post!

  2. S. W. Anderson says

    Samsung clearly has withdrawn from the camera business. Just as clearly, the company doesn’t want to officially announce it’s doing that. If it does, some very large number of retailers will be left holding cameras and related products they will have to unload for much less than would be the case if Samsung wasn’t bailing out. Samsung looks to many of the same sellers to handle other Samsung products. The bad will Samsung could generate would undoubtedly cause the company problems far beyond whatever disappointment it’s had because of its photographic venture.

    • yeah, they could partially get away with it with the GX- K-mount cameras since they were all interchangeable with the Pentax cameras and lenses, but this is quite different. I’m not sure any other company would want to buy and continue it. Ricoh has too many mounts of its own to take in another 🙂