(ENDED) Samsung NX Mini with 9mm lens for $250

This limited time offer expired…

Among the new wave of featured eBay deals, you can get the new condition Samsung NX Mini with 9mm lens, in the white color scheme, with a limit of five per customer, for $250 with free shipping. This is sold by BuyDig’s eBay store.

In order to see the sale price, you must add it to the shopping cart, and logon with your eBay account. The annotated screenshot below shows how you see the price:



  1. Reposting this comment manually, originally posted by S.W. Anderson on 10/13/14, lost in the shuffle while experimenting with comments settings and plug-ins. Original comment follows below:

    Well, this is my slap-the-forehead moment for today. I picked up one of these a few weeks ago for what was then a rock-bottom $299 price. Oh well, at least the camera didn’t disappoint.

    The one caveat I would offer is to make sure of being comfortable shooting with a 24mm-equivalent wide angle. I am, and find the lens to be tack sharp. It’s great for scenics, group shots in tight spaces and interiors. It’s designed to make selfies easy at arm’s length, especially with its flip-up LCD. Potential buyers who want to do flattering portraits and have some extended reach should think carefully before jumping on this deal, though. For those things, the 9-27mm zoom is a better bet. The Mini with 9-27mm zoom is going for $399 — quite a bit more. But, adding the zoom later ends up being the most costly way to go. The best price I’ve seen for the zoom is $259, from a Japanese seller. Buy one in the U.S. and you’ll have to spend about $300.

    The Mini can be bought in a kit that includes the 9mm, 9-27mm zoom with science-fiction-style, swing-out lens cover and an external flash for about $650 (cough, choke).

    One other thing to be clear about the Mini with 9mm: it has a built-on tempered glass cover Samsung claims is so indestructible that no lens cap or cover is necessary. And, no third-party lens cover is available, at least so far. I was so impressed, I ordered a never-ready case — something I haven’t done in decades. :{

    • There are so many choices today at reasonable prices! Maybe Samsung needs to start bundling these when someone buys a flagship Galaxy phone at full price. Like the razor / blade model?

      Trying to time the camera price bottoms is a bit like timing the stock market. The difference in price is definitely a lot smaller than a rental of the camera for a few weeks, so there’s that silver lining.