PSA: 6 Months of Netflix, $20 Google Play Gift Credit with Samsung Chromebook Plus or PRO purchased between 2/12 and 12/31 in 2017

UPDATE: Google added another freebie to their Chromebook Offers page, you also get six months of Netflix for FREE. This is the $11/month plan. You can alternately apply the value of this towards other Netflix plans. This offer is available for Pixelbooks, and Samsung Chromebook Plus and PRO. You must redeem by 12/31/17 and redeem it from the eligible Chromebook and Pixelbook. This is pretty good!

ORIGINAL POST: The Samsung Chromebook Plus and PRO were $100 off during the Black Friday – Cyber Monday festivities (the sale ended of as of this recheck), HOWEVER this is a PSA post, not a deal alert. If you have previously purchased a Samsung Chromebook PLUS or PRO, between February 12 and December 31 in 2017, you can receive a $20 Google Play store credit courtesy of “The Google”.

All you have to do is visit the Google Chromebook Offers page [this is a good page to bookmark if you are a buyer/fan of the Chromebooks] with your eligible Chromebook and follow the prompts. The credit will be added to your Google account, so make sure you are logged in with the Google account you want to use the credit with (eg the one you use for the Google Play store).

Also there you will find a 2-year 100GB Google Drive storage boost to your Google account. This must be redeemed within 180 days of device activation. Follow the prompts with your Chromebook. Again, make sure you are logged on with the Google account you want the extra 100GB to be added to.

There are two other digital freebies, a 90-day Play Music subscription trial, and a free car pack for Asphalt 8. Interesting that of all the offers, it’s the free digital car pack on a game that’s the headliner. The state of today’s internet 🙂

All the offers have terms and conditions and limitations. Click on the little “Terms apply” blue link to get the pop-up with the explanations. You can read the details of all the offers with any computer/browser. But you have to redeem them with your new Chromebook Plus or PRO.

Note that only the $20 Google Play credit is restricted to the Chromebook Plus/PRO purchases. If you purchased other Chromebooks, you are eligible for the remaining offers: 100GB 2-Year Google Drive, and the digital freebies.