Prime Reading: new digital single issues to borrow: Shutterbug, Pop Photo, Nat Geo

If you are a Prime member, one of the many Prime Benefits is Prime Reading. One of the Prime Reading benefits is that every month, you can borrow digital issues from a changing selection of magazines and read them. These count against your ten but you can borrow and return as often as you like. The Magazine Selections for March include the latest issues from Shutterbug and Popular Photography and National Geographic among others.


  1. S. W. Anderson says

    From a dpreview story yesterday: “Franklin D. Roosevelt was president of the United States of American when the first issue of Popular Photography Magazine hit newsstands in May of 1937. Now, nearly 80 years later, one of the world’s most widely circulated photography print publications is closing.
    “The upcoming March/April issue will be the last, and as of Friday, March 10th, no new content will be published on This news comes after the publication switched to a bi-monthly print schedule about six months ago.
    “Pop Photo’s sister publication, American Photo Magazine, had been Web-only for the past couple of years; it will also stop updating its website as of this coming Friday.”
    As someone who’s enjoyed and learned from Modern Photography and, later, Popular Photography since the late 1950’s, this comes as very unwelcome and disheartening news.

    • Thanks for the alert! Ouch! It was an uphill battle to adjust to the digital-era.

  2. S. W. Anderson says

    Those publications embraced digital early, well and without foot dragging. As with other types of publication, I’m sure the availability of so much content online, where people don’t want to pay any price of admission, proved too hard to compete with. Paper, ink and physically moving analog magazines to stores and mailboxes costs money. Much more money than creating and publishing online. Advertisers know how much “free” content is available online, and the lucrative potential for impulse buys when a prospective customer can read a test report or user reviews, see an ad for the same product on the same page, and just click to buy. No print magazine can match that. It’s compelling for advertisers, handy and economical for consumers and, alas, sure to be fatal for more and more special-interest magazines.