Prime Reading FREE to Read Latest Issues include Shutterbug

If you are a Prime member, one of the many Prime Benefits is the “Prime Reading” feature that allows you to read a number of items for FREE. This includes e-books (around 1000 options), along with some comic books and single magazine issues (typically the latest issue).

Among the latest Free to Read Magazines is the September 2017 issue of Shutterbug, along with the August 2017 issue of Consumer Reports and the August 2017 issue of WIRED.

You can read as many eligible items as you want with Prime Reading, however, you can only have ten items checked out at a time. So if you are interested in a lot of things, get a mix of things you will read quickly and things you’ll read slowly, so your ten spots won’t be taken over by slow-reading material. Of course you can still return and re-pick them at any time.

Once you borrow an item, you can keep it as long as you want. While you keep it, it will take one of your ten slots.