Pre-order Sandisk SSD Upgrade Service for $40 (hardware tools + video support) [SSD not included!]

You don’t see this type of an offer every day 🙂 If you want to upgrade your computer(s) with SSDs but need some hand-holding, Sandisk is launching a new service that offers virtual hand-holding (not a physical in-person service but live video support plus hardware). This service is coming soon and you can pre-order it for $40 through This is a combination hardware and supportware. You will receive an actual kit in the mail that has the necessary tools (cable, screwdriver, software) along with information on how to contact the live customer support team (Mon-Fri, 8am to 7pm pacific time).

NOTE: an SSD is NOT included. You have to purchase that on your own. This service only supports their own SSDs, more specifically, SSD Plus, Ultra II SSD and Extreme Pro.