(GONE!?!?!) Pre-order Samsung Chromebook PRO (Intel processor) for $550

As of 5/16/17, the pre-orders disappeared earlier in the day, and now the page itself has been removed, it is a 404 page…

The “Chromebook unicorn” is finally a “real” product. As of this morning, you can place pre-orders for the Samsung Chromebook PRO Chromebook for $550 with a late May 2017 shipping estimate. This is the model with the INTEL processor, not to be confused with the already released PLUS running on ARM.

Unless something changed since the announcement, the main difference between the PRO and the PLUS is the processor, INTEL vs ARM. This is a promising all-in-one for general use, a Chromebook, that can also run Android Apps (with access to the Google PLAY store out of the box), with a touch-screen, a 3:2 aspect ratio, and a Samsung S-PEN.

There are plenty of photography apps in GooglePLAY, and assuming the developers update them to work well on ChromeOS / bigger screens, the combination of the touchscreen and S-PEN opens up more creative opportunities. Speaking of which, Android app performance may have been what held it up. This has reviews as early as February of this year, and that was the main issue pointed out by reviews (Android app performance).

As usual, if you are not a boldly-going early-adopter, you can wait for it to get more software updates and price cuts in the next few months/years. This is a convertible 2-in-1, not a detachable.

This could make a dream device for blogging purposes 🙂