Pre-order the Nikon D850 FilmMaker’s Kit for $5500

Nikon has a hard time making enough Nikon D850s to satisfy demand but that didn’t stop them from creating the “FilmMaker’s Kit”, it is the D850 body only bundled with a trio of f1.8G FX lenses (20, 35, 85), the ME-1 Stereo Microphone and ME-W1 wireless microphone, a 7 inch Atomos Ninja Flame and a spare EN-EL15a battery.

The price of this bundle is $5500 and it is available for pre-ordering at Amazon by Amazon itself and by Adorama and by B&H Photo… This has been added to our Stock Status Tracker


The three f1.8G lenses on their own go for $800, $527, $477 respectively, totaling (with the help of a calculator) $1804. The Atomos goes for $795 on its own, increasing the bundle value to $2600. The battery goes for $60 on its own, while the two microphones go for $134 and $199 respectively. So that’s a total under $3000 for the Filmmaker kit, plus $3300 for the camera = $6300, with an asking price of $5500 for the bundle.

So with a difference of $2200 between the D850 body only ($3300) and the Filmmaker kit ($5500), you’d need to want at least $2200 worth of the kit items to make this a good deal. In other words, if you want all three lenses AND the Atomos, then it’s worth doing it, otherwise it becomes a too close to call type of a situation.