Pre-order new Gitzo 100 Year Anniversary Tripods

Nikon has launched their 100 Year Anniversary products but they are not the only ones celebrating 100 years. If you are a fan of Gitzo Tripods, they have in very limited quantities two new 100-Year Anniversary tripods. Just like the Nikon cameras, they are priced for collectors and hardcore fans in terms of pricing.

The Gitzo 100-Year Anniversary Edition Tripod with Ball Head goes for $1500, while the Gitzo 100-Year Anniversary Arsene Gitzhoven Edition Tripod with Ball Head goes for $3000. They are expected to ship in late October 2017.

The former can be purchased online, but the latter (the $3000 model) can only be ordered in-store or by calling B&H and it is not returnable and non-cancelable. The $1500 model is a regular internet purchase without the above restrictions.