Plan Ahead (February 5-11): Duracell Batteries Rewards offer returns at ODP/OMX

Batteries are included (if buy them that is). If you are a fan of the Duracell Battery Rewards promotions at Office Depot (ODP) and Office Max (OMX) stores, they are returning for the week of Sunday February 5 until the close of business on Saturday 11 in 2017. The terms are the same as before, you can buy up to two 16-packs of AA or AAA, pay full price, and a few weeks later (five weeks or less), you receive the purchase price (minus a penny) as a reward in your ODP/OMX rewards account. The sales tax is not included in the reward. Per the weekly ad on their website, these rewards will be issued separately from the monthly rewards (this means you get the full amount, and not multiples of $10). You cannot pay for the batteries with rewards and get rerwads again (you can’t roll rewards like you could wtih the old Office Max rewards program).

The offer is good for online purchases as well. When the offer activates on Sunday 2/5/17, they will appear on the Rewards page.

Strategically you can combine the purchase of the above with their ink recycling rewards. You get $2 back per ink/cartridge (regardless of size, from the tiny single colors to the elephant size toners), but they only pay regular rewards in multiples of $10 per month, and you need to make a purchase of $10+ (with new money; not rewards) during that particular month. The 16-packs are $14 each, so even one of them gets you over the $10+ prerequisite. You can recycle up to ten cartridges per month and get rewards for them. You can recycle more, but you won’t get rewards for cartridges #11+ for that particular month. Strategically, you recycle the biggest/heaviest and leakiest first, and save the rest for the next calendar month 🙂