Refurbished Nikon L610 superzoom for $70 (or L620 for $85)

If you are looking for a double-figures superzoom that is powered by AA batteries and you are cool with manufacturer refurbished cameras, Adorama is offering the refurbished Nikon Coolpix L610 for $70 with free shipping (black or silver) and the refurbished Nikon Coolpix L620 (black) for $85 with free shipping. These are powered by two AA batteries.

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This note is for people reading this blog using the Feedburner RSS feed (or any other services that rely on RSS to deliver the updates (eg email)). The Feedburner feed for this blog stopped updating with new posts at some point yesterday (10/29/14). The last post shown on Feedburner was the Panasonic FZ70 superzoom. We posted 14 more since then. If you want to quickly catchup, refresh the feed, or check the posts for October 30 and October 29 until you find the Panasonic FZ70 post. If you are still experiencing RSS Feed problems please leave a comment or use the online contact form (we are back to using the old contact form we used in the old blog).

32GB Generic MicroSDHC C10 w/SD adapter for $11 w/free S&H

If you need a memory card for experimentation or performance comparison testing or teardown or tier Z usage, one of the latest specials at Rakuten, sold by marketplace seller, feature this brandless 32GB MicroSDHC Class 10 with SD adapter for $11 with free shipping. You can buy as many as you like at this price. Promotion expires 11/2/14 or earlier if sold out..

Limited time Pentax SLR Lens Sale (ends 11/1)

Adorama is having a limited time sale on Pentax Lenses, featuring a total of 40 items, mostly SLR lenses, big and small, from tiny pancakes to missile launching telephotos. Also included are a couple of Q lenses and a couple of flashes. No coupon needed, the price you see is the price you pay. The discount amount is shown in red ink. The price before and after is shown above and below the red ink for each lens. A lot of them may also get 4% promotional rewards, free 2-day shipping, and New Leaf extended warranty. Check the individual product page of each lens of interest to see. We can’t post all 40 of them here.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 for $89

For the early adopters of new Adobe software, the Photoshop Elements 13 (boxed software or digital download for either PC or Mac) is currently going for $89 with free shipping (or free download) at Amazon by Amazon herself.

Refurbished 16GB Sandisk Ultra C10 SDHC for $5 w/free S&H (limit 50)

The action continues at the eBay Deals, this time it is of the $5 variety. eBay seller “a4c” (99%) is offering manufacturer refurbished 16GB Sandisk Ultra Class 10 (up to 30MB/s) memory cards for $5 with free shipping. If you buy three or more, you save 5% on the order. Limit 50 per customer during this sale. Over 2800 cards got sold the last 24 hours as part of this sale.

20% off select clearance items w/coupon at BuyDig

BuyDig is having a clearance sale on their clearance items 🙂 Use coupon code CLOSEOUT20 to get 20% off the current prices of these 400+ clearance items. Use the Guided Search box (top of the left sidebar on their website) to further drill it down. They have various categories, for example, “Canon EOS Lenses”, “Compact System Cameras”, etc, so peruse the whole scrollable list to see any of the cameras, lenses or accessories of interest are there… Note that a lot of the items listed there are Open Box… The 20% off coupon code expires 11/2/14…

Panasonic LX7 with $50 Gift Card for $350 total (either color)

The Panasonic LX7 rawsumer is offered for $350 with free expedited shipping and 4% promotional rewards (=$14) at both Adorama and B&H Photo in either color. Thanks to one of our readers for the email alert! Here they are:

+ black LX7: Adorama and B&H Photo
+ silver LX7: B&H Photo and Adorama

Nikon 16-85mm f3.5-5.6G DX ED VR with Hoya Filter and Tripod for $610

The Nikon 16-85mm f3.5-5.6G ED VR DX dSLR lens is currently on sale for $610 with free shipping and a 45-day return policy at which also includes three bonus items: Hoya 67mm UV MC filter, 59-inch Bower tripod, and lens cleaning pen… It goes for $620 at Amazon with free 2-day shipping and $630 with a free three filter kit at Adorama… You may have to do the add-to-cart song-and-dance in order to see the prices…

Preorder new Pentax 16-85mm f3.5-5.6 ED DC WR for $750

Hide your K-wallets! Pentax_Ricoh announced a brand new SLR lens, the Pentax 16-85mm f3.5-5.6 ED DC WR, and said lens is available for pre-order for $750 at B&H Photo and Adorama. Release estimate not available yet.

Now shipping: Canon G7X w/extra Battery and free Overnight shipping for $700

Instant gratification fans, the new Canon G7X rawsumer is in-stock and ready to ship from Adorama for $700. Adorama automatically includes an extra Canon NB-13L Battery Pack and Free Overnight shipping… They also have the new Canon SX60 HS superzoom in-stock for $550 with free Overnight shipping as well…

Canon D-Rebel SL1 w/18-55 & 75-300 & Pixma Pro 100 for $500 after $350 MIR

The Canon DSLR bundles party at Adorama continues! This time the centerpiece of the bundle is the Canon D-Rebel SL1 w/18-55. Add to that the 75-300 lens, Pixma Pro 100 printer and 50pk of 13×19″ photo paper, and proceed to checkout. The price you pay at checkout is $850. Once you receive the order and submit the mail-in rebates, you will receive $350 back by mail from the mailin rebate promotion. Thus, a $500 after $350 MIR offer. This is the PDF rebate form. Free expedited shipping… If you are not sure how this works, check our previous visual post on a similar D-Rebel T5 offer… Offer ends 11/2/14…

Canon 7D Mark II ships tomorrow – free overnight shipping

The highly anticipated Canon 7D Mark II will start shipping tomorrow (10/30/14) and at this point in time, Adorama is offering free Overnight shipping. The starting price of this camera is $1800.

Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Shoulder Bag & Pouch for $72.50

Adorama has a sale and freebie promotion centered around the Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home Shoulder Bag. You also get a free “The Haven” pouch. Add one of the three shown there to your shopping cart, and the price of $72.50 will remain the same. The neckstrap is not free. Free expedited shipping. Offer ends 11/03/14.

Canon D-Rebel T5i w/18-135 & 75-300 & Pixma Pro 100 for $600 after $350 MIR

Adorama also has a parallel promotion to the T5i w/18-55. This time the centerpiece of the bundle is the Canon D-Rebel T5i w/18-135. Add to those the 75-300 lens, Pixma Pro 100 printer and 50pk of 13×19″ photo paper, and proceed to checkout. The price you pay at checkout is $1150. Once you receive the order and submit the mail-in rebates, you will receive $350 back by mail from the mailin rebate promotion. Thus, a $800 after $350 MIR offer. This is the PDF rebate form. Free expedited shipping… If you are not sure how this works, check our previous visual post on a similar D-Rebel T5 offer… Offer ends 11/2/14…

Canon D-Rebel T5i w/18-55 & 75-300 & Pixma Pro 100 for $600 after $350 MIR

Adorama has another mail-in rebate bundle, this one is centered around the Canon D-Rebel T5i w/18-55. Add to those the 75-300 lens, Pixma Pro 100 printer and 50pk of 13×19″ photo paper, and proceed to checkout. The price you pay at checkout is $950. Once you receive the order and submit the mail-in rebates, you will receive $350 back by mail from the mailin rebate promotion. Thus, a $600 after $350 MIR offer. This is the PDF rebate form. Free expedited shipping… If you are not sure how this works, check our previous visual post on a similar D-Rebel T5 offer… Offer ends 11/2/14…

Panasonic FZ70 superzoom w/extras for $280 (or $220 Imported model)

The Panasonic FZ70 superzoom with a bonus Lumix case and 16GB is on sale for $280 with free shipping at Costco’s website. Non-members pay an extra 5% on this. Offer ends 11/1/14.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with Imported (Gray Market) cameras, you can get it for $220 with free shipping at Abe’s Of Maine [corrected link] by using coupon code LOYALTY10. Note this is an import/grey model!

Now shipping: ExpoDisc EXPOD2-82 82mm for $50 w/free S&H

The ExpoDisc EXPOD2-82 82mm white balance filter is now in-stock and shipping for $50 with free S&H by DB Roth at Amazon. Amazon’s own inventory is still “2-3 weeks” away.

256GB PNY Elite SDHC card for $70 after two mail-in rebates

This promotion requires the submission of TWO mail-in rebates. If you haven’t ejected after reading the previous sentence, Tigerdirect is offering the 256GB PNY Elite Performance SDHC memory card for $70 after two mail-in rebates. This is sold along with McAfee’s Multi-Access Security Software as a bundle. The McAfee is a separate box, it’s not on the memory card. You have a $10 MIR for the memory card and a $60 on the McAfee software. So what’s happening is McAfee is subsidizing this deal…

The card goes for $100 after the $10 MIR on its own at Tigerdirect and $110 at Amazon.

Funny how once upon a time we were agonizing over 64MB Smartmedia cards and 2GB vs 4GB SDHC cards. Now we have 256GB cards! On the other hand, talk about a photography disaster if you fill it up with 256GB of photos and it dies on you. Yes, I am a Debbie Downer 🙂

Nov 8 at 1-4pm Local Time at Best Buy stores: Special holiday shopping event

This is a YMMV promotion. On Saturday November 8 in 2014, between 1pm and 4pm local time, select Best Buy brick and mortar stores are going to be having a Special Holiday Shopping Events. They will have special promotions on select products along with demos and “experts” and such. They have a menu over there that you can use to find out which stores are participating in this. I have no way of knowing what is going to be offered, so it’s a curiosity-YMMV.

Pentax WG-20 elementproof P&S for $140

We checked upon the latest eBay Deals where we find the new condition black Pentax WG-20 elementproof camera on sale for $140 with free shipping by Buydig’s eBay store. Limit 5 per buyer. Pentax/Ricoh have dozens of models in this segment…

Pentax K-5 IIs with D-BG4 Grip & 64GB SD for $600 [updated]

Good until 10/31/14 at 8:45pm ET, B&H Photo is K-offering this Pentax K-5 IIs bundle: the body only kit plus the D-BG4 battery grip plus a 64GB Sandisk Ultra C10 memory card for $600 with free expediting shipping.

UPDATE: Adorama also has a Pentax K-5 IIs bundle with the K5 IIs body only kit, plus D-BG4 battery grip and 64GB Samsung Pro SDXC memory card and 4% promotional rewards and free 2-day shipping.

20% off sale on iTunes Electronic Gift Cards (think apps and ebooks)

Back to the land of the eBay Deals we go where we have a flexible 20% off sale on iTunes Electronic Gift Cards offered by eBay seller “paypal_digital_gifts” (99.6%). These will be delivered electronically, no plastic cards in the mail. The limit is four per customer. They are available in three denominations:

  • pay $20, get $25 electronic gift card
  • pay $40, get $50 electronic GC
  • pay $80, get $100 eGC

As always, these are limited time offers. Over 5000 got sold through this offer so far. Of photography interest, you can use these to buy any of the camera and photography apps (including Photoshop Touch) and the many camera and photography eBooks, some of which are iPad-exclusive/iPad-enhanced so that may be the only place to get them digitally.

In-stock nao: Panasonic LX100 for $900

Fans of RAWsumers with Zoom have been asking for bigger sensors, but not for “bigger” prices. We got one out of two! Panasonic’s in on the game, and their brand new black DMC-LX100 is now in-stock and ready to ship with free expedited shipping for its early-adopter starting price of $900 at Adorama.

Sony RX100 Mark III + Lightroom 5 + extras for $800

Interesting in the Sony RX100 Mark III and you can also use Lightroom 5 (full version)? Well, we have good news for you. Groupon Goods is offering a Sony RX 100 Mark III bundle that includes the camera along with Lightroom 5 (full version) and a generic 64GB memory card and a generic camera case. Free shipping and free returns. You pay the same $800 price that you would have paid for the camera on its own. Limit 3 for you and 2 more as gifts for other photorawsumers. Delivery is 7 business days from purchase, so don’t get this if you need it yesterday. As with most Groupon offers, they are limited time offers…

Sony a3000 w/18-55 for $300 (or add 55-210 for +$150)

The Sony a3000 with 18-55mm is currently on sale for $300 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon herself with a limit of two per shopping cart during this sale…

Optionally, it is part of the Combined Purchase Discounts. The a3000 is only eligible for one lens, the 55-210 and the $200 off combined purchase discount happens automatically when you add both the a3000 kit and the 55-210 to your shopping cart. Here’s an annotated screenshot crop of the top right corner of the Amazon checkout page with the a3000 w/18-55 and the 55-210 added to the shopping cart:


Note: the other E-mount cameras participating in this promotion (NEX-5T, a5000, a5100, a6000) get smaller discounts on the 55-210 and require promo codes.

Nikon D7000 body only (Import/Gray) for $570 [updated]

There are plenty of Nikon APS-C dSLRs out there, but if you happen to be specifically looking for the good old Nikon D7000 body only, and you want it in new condition, you can get it as an Import Model (Gray Market) for $570 with free shipping at Abe’s of Maine. The Loyalty10/Loyalty15 do not work on this one.

On the other hand, if you prefer a Nikon USA “blessed” camera, and you are comfortable with manufacturer refurbished, you can get the D7000 body only for $590 by Adorama on eBay – thanks to Mark C. for spotting the lower price! (or $610 at Adorama with free expedited shipping.)

Refurbished camera sale at Woot Plus: Sony a3000 w/18-55 for $255 [also Gitzo, Manfrotto]

Woot Plus has a refurbished camera sale featuring mostly old and refurbished cameras, including the refurb Sony NEX-3 with 18-55 for $240, refurb Sony a3000 w/18-55 for $250 (limit 1) – note that it currently goes for $300 in new condition at Amazon (limit 2) – refurbished Fuji S4830 superzoom for $80, and a few other superzooms and P&S cameras (Samsung, Sony, Pentax, Fuji, JVC). They also feature Gitzo and Manfrotto tripods and camera bags and Monster brand memory cards (Dr. Dre not included!), and these are new condition. Shipping is $5 flat regardless of how many you buy. Promotion ends on 11/1/14 at 12am CT (I don’t know if they mean 11:59pm or 12:01am) or earlier for any items that sell out.

Now shipping: Pentax K-S1 in many colors (and with bonus items)

Fan of the Pentax colorful color schemes and combinations? A lot of the different options for the Pentax K-S1 are now in-stock and ready to ship to your K-house for $650 (body only) or $700 (w/18-55) or $800 (two lens kit) at Adorama. They also get 4% rewards and a 16GB FluCard (it is a wireless SDHC card!). Not sure who was the smart marketing person to name it “FluCard” 🙂 Might as call it the EbolaCard 😉

NEC Professional Wide Gamut Computer Monitors on sale

For a limited time, B&H Photo has a sale on NEC Professional Wide Gamum Computer Monitors. As of the time of writing, seven models are included. Free expedited shipping is included.

Staying at B&H, if you are a Nexus fan but don’t want the giant screen or the $600+ price of the new Nexus 6, B&H is offering the Nexus 5 (16GB, D820, unlocked) for $360 with free expedited shipping.

Fuji Instant Savings at B&H Photo with freebies/rewards (X-System, X100S)

The new round of Fuji Instant Savings for both their X System and their X100S “Big Sensor Prime” have arrived at B&H Photo, you can find them all nicely organized in a single page. Some of them come with free extras, some of them come with 4% promotional rewards, and all of them get free expedited shipping.

Nikon D610 with free extras for $1700 (and eligible for Nikon SLR Instant Rebates)

B&H Photo is selling the Nikon D610 body only kit for $1700 full frame dollars and at this time, they are automatically including the following freebies with your order: Shoulder bag, 16GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC card, Watson extra battery, and 2% promotional rewards (= $34). You also get free Expedited shipping.

Optionally, the various Nikon D610 kits are eligible for the Nikon SLR Instant Savings. Simply go to the page of the D610 kit of interest, look for the “Savings Available” part of the page, and click on the tiny “View All Savings” link to see all available options.

Joby JM3-01WW GripTight GorillaPod Stand for under $17

Of potential interest to smartphone photographers, the Joby JM3-01WW GripTight GorillaPod Stand is currently on sale for under $17 at Amazon with a limit of three per customer. They average 4.5 out of 5 based on 321 customer reviews. If you are curious about this critter, it has 75 questions answered.

New Fuji X Instant Savings on Cameras and Lenses

Fuji has a new round of Instant Savings (no mail-in rebates) running between October 26 until November 29 in 2014. It includes both cameras (X-T1, X-Pro1, X-E1, X-M1) and some lenses. You can see all available options at the nicely organized Fuji Instant Savings page at Adorama.

Fuji X100S with free EF-20 flash for $1100

Adorama is offering the black Fuji X100S with a free EF-20 flash along with 4% promotional rewards (= $44) and free 2-day shipping for $1100 total. No rebate, no coupon. Just add to cart and checkout.

Panasonic DMW-YAGH drops to $1500

Also part of today’s Panasonic festivities, the Panasonic DMW-YAGH Interface Unit’s stand alone price has dropped to $1500 with free shipping at B&H Photo and Adorama.

Panasonic GH4 w/12-32mm bundle discounts

Panasonic is having bundle promotion for their GH4 flagship with the 12-32mm f2.8 lens. At B&H Photo, with free expedited shipping, you can get the GH4 w/12-35mm for $2400 or the GH4 w/12-35mm and DMW-YAGH interface for $3900.

At Adorama, for $2400 you can get the GH4 w/12-35mm with a bonus extra battery and 32GB card… For $2500 each, you can get the GH4 with 12-35mm in two separate bundles. One has the DMW-MS2 Stereo Shotgun Microphone as an extra, the other has the DMW-BGGH3 Battery Grip as an extra. Both include a 32GB memory card… Adorama has a variety of other GH4 offers – click on the “Save up to … with bundle” to see the options for each listing… Offers end 11/8/14.

Panasonic GX7 w/14-42mm and $100 Gift Card for $750

Adorama has a gift card promotion on the GX7 with 14-42mm kit. You pay $750 and you receive the GX7 with 14-42mm kit plus a $100 Adorama Gift Card (to spend on a future purchase) and 4% rewards and free 2-day shipping. This offer is available in either the black GX7 kit or silver GX7 kit… Offer ends 11/22/14.

Panasonic GH3 body with $100 Gift Card or FREE Accessories for $800

For $800, you can get the Panasonic GH3 body only from Adorama, with your choice of bonus items with this purchase. This Panasonic GH3 option gets you the GH3 body only kit with a $100 Adorama gift card and 4% promotional rewards (4% = $32) and free 2-day shipping… The other option gets you free accessories instead of the $100 gift card 32GB Class 10 SDHC Card, Spare DMW-BLF19 Battery, Cleaning Kit, Mini HDMI Cable 6′, Sandisk 16GB Memory Vault, Tiffen DFX Essentials Software) with free regular shipping and no rewards… Offer ends 12/5/14.

Canon 1D X + Pixma Pro 100 + various accessories for $5650 after $1150 (!) mail-in rebate

To go with the new Canon dSLR Mail-In Rebates, B&H Photo has a bundle centered around the Canon 1D X dSLR. You buy the bundle (just add to cart) and once you receive it and all is well, you file the mail-in rebates. A few weeks later you will receive your rebate amount by mail in the form of a prepaid gift card. This bundle has a checkout price of $6800 and an after-rebate price of $5650. The bundle includes the 1D X body only kit, the Pixma Pro 100 printer, 50pk of 13×19 inch photo paper, shoulder bag, 32GB Extreme Pro Compact Flash card, and Vello wireless remote.

New Canon DSLR rebates good until 11/22/14 (7D II included)

Canon has a new incarnation of their mail-in rebates, featuring most of their APS-C dSLRs, including the brand new 7D Mark II. These are mail-in rebates (MIR), not instant savings, so you do have to do the whole MIR song and dance. This round expires on 11/22/14. You can see the available options at B&H Photo.

(ENDED) Prime members only (ends Oct 29 at 9am ET): new Amazon Fire TV Stick for $19 [limit 2]

This 48 hour promotion ended… Everyone now pays $39 for pre-ordering the Amazon Fire TV stick

[Read more…]

Pay $170, Get $200 plastic Sears Gift Card (or pay $85 to get $100) [updated]

Update: 10/27/14 – this got further discounted, now it’s a 15% discount…

Back to the eBay Deals we go where for a limited time you can get a $200 Sears plastic gift card for $170 (was $180) with free shipping. This is sold by GiftCardMall on eBay (they stock up the gift card displays in many brick and mortar stores). Limit 1 per buyer. The Sears website offers products from many other third-party/marketplace retailers as well – same ones you may find on Amazon, eBay, NewEgg, Best Buy, etc, so that’s one way to get some camera gear on discount. The gift card discount is effectively 10% (10% of $200 = you pay $180). As always, this is a limited time offer.

UPDATE: there is also a parallel promotion from GiftCardMall on eBay, pay $85 (was $90) to get a $100 Sears plastic gift card with free shipping. This one has a limited of two per eBay shopper. The savings percentage is the same 10%.

Blog-post updated at 6:35pm ET.

TIP: these type of gift card deals can be useful when purchasing products that rarely get discounted…

(ENDED) Camera & Photo Lightning Deals (Mon): Vanguard, NiX, Naneu, Ape, ePhoto, etc

These limited time offers expired… Check back on Fridays and Mondays (or any days that end in “y” for that matter) for potential new offers from the Amazon Gold Box Lightning Deals… Expired items after the jump…

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Canon D-Rebel T5 w/18-55 & 75-300 & Pixma Pro 100 for $358 after $350 MIR [updated]

UPDATE: The Canon mail-in rebates continue until 11/22/14… NOTE: this promotion expires at the end of day (Eastern Time) Saturday October 25 in 2014 but don’t wait until the last minute!

This is an intermediate level deal, so please pay attention to the details of the promotion. It is a bundle and a mail-in rebate promotion! You start at this Canon D-Rebel T5 promotional page. Then manually add the items to your shopping cart (see the purple arrow below):


When you do, you will notice the price totals on the right side of the screen will automatically change, and with all three items added, you will have a total of $708:


After your order ships and all the items are performing to your expectations, you can submit the mail-in rebate, paying attention to deadlines and things that need to be included. A few weeks after you submit the mail-in rebate, you will receive a $350 American Express prepaid gift card.

As you can see in the pictures above, this offer includes the Canon D-Rebel T5 with 18-55, plus the 75-300 f4-5.6 III lens, the Pixma Pro 100 printer, and a 50pk of 13×19 inch Canon photo paper.

Now shipping: Photography: The Definitive Visual History by Tom Ang (480 pages, DK Adult)

Forgot to post an “in-stock alert” about this one. Tom Ang is back with another book, this one is under the “DK Adult” line that specializes in larger visual books (this one 12.4 x 10.3 x 1.4 inches). This 480 pager is “Photography: The Definitive Visual History”, released September 29 in 2014. It is available for purchase for $31 to $37 (shipping and tax vary depending on retailer and location) at’s eBay store and Powell’s via BN and Rakuten itself and Barnes and Noble and Amazon itself. This is a very visual book, it’s not available in ebook format… Speaking of ebooks, if you have a Kindle Unlimited e-book subscription, we put together a partial list of participating camera and photography related ebooks at the main blog…

Refurbished Nikon D5200 w/18-55 + Lightroom 5 full version for $430

We check upon the eBay Deals once again where we find a bundle deal of sorts offered by reputable camera dealer Beach Camera’s eBay store – for $430 with free shipping you get the manufacturer refurbished Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm PLUS Adobe Lightroom 5 full version. Limit five bundles per customer!

7″x10″ Metal Print for $10 w/free S&H (and other print offers)

Picture It On Canvas has a Groupon offering a 7″x10″ Metal Print for $10 with free shipping with a limit of one per order.

For fans of collage photo books, has a Groupon offering a 20-page hardcover 8.5×11 inch Collage photo book for $10 plus $6 flat shipping.

On the 16×20 inch custom canvas prints front, Picture It On Canvas is offering two for $50 or one for $29. With free shipping.

There are currently 49 photo print offers at Groupon with more options and print sizes and print materials. Please note, some offer free shipping, others shipping is additional, others do not specify whether it’s free shipping or not. So be sure to check the terms, conditions, restrictions, etc of each offer.

In-stock now: Flashpoint Reporter Super Compact 150 LED Light for $70

If you are a fan of the Adorama Flashpoint house brand lighting gear, their brand new Flashpoint Reporter Super Compact 150 LED – on Camera light is now in-stock and ready to ship for $70 with free shipping and handling.

Refurbished Nikon L610 for $70 or L620 for $85

If you are looking to add double figures AA-powered compact-zoom cameras to your rotation, Adorama has two refurbished candidates on sale (red ink for the price): the Coolpix L610 goes for $70 with free shipping in either black L610 or silver L610. Meanwhile the black L620 goes for $85 with free shipping… Figuring out which one of the hundreds of superzooms to get? That’s should be a 40-page PDF research report!