Olympus Outlet Store refilled: 32 items now!

The Olympus USA Outlet store has been refilled since our last check yesterday. They now have a total of 32 items, up from 9 yesterday! The two not-working coupons that were shown yesterday are no longer mentioned. I will try to digest these later today, but I’m posting this now so you can check for any hard to find items that may sell out by the time I get around to “digesting” it all. I also have to “digest” today’s CES action, which is the official Day #1 of the Las Vegas trade show.


  1. S. W. Anderson says

    I received a response from Olympus customer support today. This is to my inquiry about yesterday’s coupon code fiasco.

    Dear S
    We do apologize but we are not currently running any reconditioned sales. Our last reconditioned sale was on Cyber Monday.
    Thank you for choosing Olympus!
    Sincerely, Nichole
    Customer Care & Support, Olympus America Inc.

    It was good to get a prompt response today. What gets me about the response is that the references to “reconditioned sale” are utterly ambiguous. Taken one way, the site is not selling reconditioned products now. Taken the other way, reconditioned products being offered are not offered for prices below what Olympus would normally charge for them — a distinction that would be lost on many people not familiar with the site.

    Oh well.

    • Yeah, the customer response is consistent with the inconsistencies of their store 🙂

      They kinda yanked most things until this week’s refill, I think for the last few weeks they just had the E-M1 II and a couple of PRO lenses in refurbished.