Olympus M43rds Trade IN Promotion with Bonus Up to $300 [in addition to actual value of your used traded-in camera gear]

Olympus is running a trade-in promotion at B&H Photo and other dealers that give you a Trade-IN Bonus towards the purchase of select Olympus M43rds cameras and lenses.

Eligible cameras to purchase with this promotion are the E-M1 II, E-M5 II, PEN-F, and E-PL8. Nine Olympus M43rd Prime lenses are also eligible.

You will ALSO receive the trade-in value of the cameras you turn in for the trade-in promotion.

So, for example, if you are buying the Olympus E-M1 II body only through this promotion. The camera’s current price is $2000. If you participate in the trade-in promotion, you get a $300 off trade in-bonus discount. So you pay $1700 for the camera.

You will also receive the trade-in value of the camera you turn it. For example, if you trade-in an old beat-up DSLR, you may get a $100. If you trade-in a recent pristine DSLR, you may get a $500 value. The numbers I’m using here are strictly for example purposes, not based on current market prices!

When you click on the “Start your Trade-In” links over at the trade-in promotional page, you will see a list of eligible camera and lenses for this promotion.