ODP/OMX: 100% back in Duracell AA/AAA Alkalines

A new shopping week is here in the Office Depot Rewards offers, running between December 3-9 in 2017. Just like before, you can buy one or two 16-packs of single use AA or AAA Duracell batteries, in-store or online. You pay full price, and a few weeks later, you receive the price of the batteries as an Office Depot reward. This time it is a 100% Reward offer, not a 1c after Rewards. Hooray for a penny saved 🙂 Sales tax not rewarded as usual.

If you are looking for other supplies, they also have 100% back rewards on select binders, 1c after rewards on Boise X9 copy paper, and even more copy paper offers. It’s a season of printing 🙂