Nikon D610 Body + 1TB Seagate Duet Cloud-Sync HDD + 1yr Amazon Drive (new customers) + Extras for $1500

The Nikon D610 body only full framer DSLR goes for $1500 at authorized dealers. Amazon has another D610 bundle that for the same price of $1500 gets you these free items:

+ 1TB Seagate Duet cloud-synching external hard drive
+ 1-Year Amazon Cloud Drive service (for new Cloud Drive customers)
+ 16GB Lexar SDHC card
+ AmazonBasics Large DSLR Gadget Bag

If you are not familiar with the Seagate cloud-syncing drives, check the customer reviews and answers over there, and use your favorite search engine for more.

If these set of accessories are not of interest, Adorama has its own free accessory bundles or instead of accessories, you can get Lightroom 6 still for the same price of $1500.