New weekly round of 1c After Rewards Duracell 16pk single-use AA or AAA alkaline Batteries after Rewards

Sunday is here which means a new round of the Office Depot-Max Duracell rewards promotion is under way. As before, you can buy a 16-pack of Duracell single-use AA or AAA alkaline batteries for full price, and a few weeks later you will receive your purchase price back (excluding $0.01 and sales tax) in Office Depot Rewards (not cash). You can buy two of these per week (any combination of AA or AAA, eg two of one kind, or one of each), the week defined Sunday AM to Saturday PM. Avoid last minute purchases online during the Sat-to-Sun date transition to prevent week-change issues. You can find them at the bottom row of the Office Depot – Max Rewards page. The offer is good in-store or online.

More details on them in our previous post.