New-Other Samsung Galaxy EK-GC120 (Android, 21x superzoom, Verizon, No Contract) for $105

To the eBay Deals we return, where we find the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC120 superzoom (21x, blue color scheme) in New-Other Condition on sale for $105 with free shipping by eBay seller “Guarantee Cellular” (98.4%) with 220+ units sold so far.

This is an Android camera with a SIM slot for cellular coverage. But no contract, you don’t even have to use the cellular part if you don’t want to. The product details there say “GC120 Verizon” which suggests this is the Verizon version. The listed model number is EK-GC120BKAVZW.

The condition is described as “New Other” with this blurb:

“The device is in new condition in original retail box with everything included (not sealed). Clean ESN”