(ENDED) New Groupon Users Only: 40% off Local Deal (print offers reside there) with Coupon

This limited time offer expired…

If you haven’t used Groupon before (eg you would be a brand new user), Groupon has a new coupon code, code EZ40 (a short easy to type coupon) that gets you 40% off a Local Deal. Local Deals is where many of the photo prints offers exist. The coupon can be used for only item with a maximum discount of $50. Some items may not be eligible for coupon for the usual anti-couponing reasons (manufacturer/seller restrict use of coupons, against the law, against the profit margins, etc). This coupon that is good for brand new Groupon users only ends on 6/4/16.

PS: if you are looking for some ideas for print offers, check yesterday’s print offers round-up (note: I can’t test the coupon on them since I am an existing Groupon user).