Moza Mini, Falcon Eyes Pockeite F7, PocoCam, Etc

FRiyAy is here and as usual, the B&H Photo daily deals run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET but orders are not accepted Fri PM to Sat PM {check their website for exact hours}:

+ Falcon Eyes PockeLite F7 mini RGB & Variable Color LED Light with Diffuser & Grid for $49
+ fear not, actual falcon eyes were not used in the making of the accessory!

+ Moza Mini MX Gimbal for Smartphones for $59
+ Moza, not to be confused with Mozart, Morrissey or Mozzarella 😉

+ PogoCam Wearable HD Camera for $15

+ UndFind FishBomb Lens Filter and Accessory Case for $4

+ Memory Card Label Stickers (90-Count) for $7

+ PA-H2HFULL Coiled HDMI Cable (14 to 18″) for $6

MEANWHILE at the Friday Amazon USA Gold Box there’s an Acer gaming laptops sale ($1060 to $1145), kitchen accessories sale and trunk organizers and such…

AND at the Adorama daily deals [change Saturday 10am ET] they offer the
Joby GorillaPod 3K PRO Kit for $90 with free US shipping…