More Dolica Clip-ON Coupons: Ball Heads, Tripods, Gun Grip, Battery Grips, Etc [updated]

After posting the Dolica Proline tripod post, I paged further down and down the Amazon Clip-ON page and there are even more Dolica products that have clip-on coupons.

+ the prices below are AFTER the clip-on coupon; sorted by price:

+ Dolica B103 Pro Level Tripod Ball Head for $20

+ Dolica CT-100S Transformer Flexible 10-Inch High Tripod for $28~

+ Dolica B204 Pro Level Tripod Ball Head for $30

+ Dolica G100 Pro Level Gun Grip for $35

+ Dolica DC-BG-37 Battery Power Grip for Canon 7D for $45

+ Dolica DC-BG-E13 Battery Power Grip for Canon 6D for $45

+ Dolica LA600 Pro 60-Inch Aluminum Alloy Traveler Edition Tripod for $60

+ Dolica TX570B150SL Ultra Compact Tripod with Professional Ball Head for $62

+ Dolica AX600B250 60-Inch Aluminum Alloy Proline Traveler Edition Tripod with High Performance Ball Head for $68~

+ Dolica P200 Professional High Performance Video Pan Head for $75

+ Dolica Camcommander compact Advance Wireless Remote Controller for Nikon for $109~

+ Dolica CX600B505 D/S 70in Carbon Fiber Professional Tripod with Built-In Monopod for $270

+ Dolica Odyssey Series 60in Carbon Fiber Professional Tripod, Waterproof Sealed Leg Locks, Professional Ball Head and Built-in Monopod for $285

+ items must be sold and shipped by Amazon itself (not 3rd-party sellers)

+ if you are not familiar with how Amazon CLIP-ON coupons work check the first paragraph of the previous post

PS: this is not a Dolica, but I don’t want to create a separate post for it, it is the XShot XSP2 Pocket Camera Extender for $17 after coupon