(ENDED) Monday: 75% off Hostgator hosting from 1am to 4am ET and 11am ET to 2pm ET

This flash sale expired…


If you are looking for a new web hosting package, Hostgator is having two 3-hour flash sale windows offering 75% off their standard prices. There is no coupon needed, the prices will change automatically during the sale windows. There are two sale windows:

+ from 1am ET to 4am ET on Monday
+ from 11am ET to 2pm ET on Monday
+ good for new customers
+ good for existing customers, but for new hosting plans only, it cannot be used to extend an existing hosting plan
+ discount applies to first invoice/payment only, so if you sign up month-to-month you only get a discount for one month. If you sign up for a prepaid plan (6 months or 1yr or 2yr or 3yrs), the discount is on the whole amount – which you must pay right away when you sign up
+ we are using Hostgator for the new WordPress main blog and previously for the (now retired) Camera Reviews stream and Stock Status sites