Monday: 64GB Sandisk Ultra Plus for $15 (SD and/or microSD)

Sandisk returns to the Monday Best Buy dailies with 64GB cards, going for $15 each: the Ultra Plus SDXC (UHS-I, C10, etc) and/or the Ultra Plus microSDXC… Also part of the Monday dailies is a 48-pack of Insignia single-use AA or AAA batteries going for $9.49 per 48-pack…

There’s some potentially interesting Woot action as well for Monday:

+ scratch and dent iPhones for $100 to $650 at the main Woot
+ Rocketbooks $30 to $44 at “Electronics”
+ Kindle Paperwhite (2016 model) for $70 in “Computers” (new with 1-year warranty)