LG G6 (Sprint) for $354 with 24-month installment plan only

If you like what you saw with the LG G6 camera samples and reviews, and you don’t want to wait for the new Galaxy and iPhone and Pixel flagships to come out, and you are okay with switching or continuing with Sprint, they have a new installment-plan promotion that gets you the new LG G6 smartphone for $354 on a 24-month installment plan. Customers with “Good Credit” pay 24 monthly installments of $14.95, while “Building Credit” pay a $200 deposit with 24 monthly installments of $6.42. They both come out to around $354 total by the end of the installment discount promotion. The offer is good on both the Ice and Black color schemes.

The sale is only good on the installment plan. The pay-full-price-now price is $708. Sprint has a new “Unlimited plan” (with 10GB of mobile hotspot per month) for $50 per month, guaranteed until June 2018 (then it goes to $60/month). These prices are with Auto PAY activated. Add an extra $5/month if you don’t want AutoPAY. They also have promotions on adding lines (the second line is +$30/month, more lines for +$20/line; the prices on the additional lines will also increase in July 2018). You also get a FREE Google Home (hardware device, not a house made by Google) from LG by filing the necessary e-paperwork online.