(ENDED) KEH Camera: 15% off Used Gear in “BGN” Grade with coupon

This coupon expired…

KEH Camera is back with another coupon. Coupon code BGN03A gets you 15% off
Bargain (BGN) Grade Used Camera Gear. Over 2400 items are eligible for this coupon. Note that only the options that are in “BGN” (Bargain) condition are eligible for the coupon. Products in other conditions, eg “LN” or “EX” or “UG” or “AS IS” are NOT eligible for the coupon which expires Sunday 3/4/18 [corrected] at 11:59pm ET.

If you are not familiar with the KEH Camera ratings, they have a nice comparative tablet that explains their Grading system

PS: this started on Saturday but I messed up my “time zone math” and “date math” and I posted it on Sunday. All apologies 🙁