Heads Up (T-Mobile Tuesdays): 50% off Local (think photo prints/books)

This is a heads up! If you are a paying T-Mobile customer, the T-Mobile Tuesdays for August 1st in 2017 will have a 50%5 off promotion for Groupon Local. Of camera and photo interest is that a number of custom photo prints, including metal and books, are listed under Groupon Local. This is the first time this promotion was offered as far as I can recall, so I don’t know if everything under Groupon Local is included or it will be restricted. There is a maximum discount of $10 using the coupon.

All you have to do to get these is to be a T-Mobile customer, and logon to the Tuesdays website or app (there’s a special Tuesdays app, not the main T-Mobile app) using your phone number and password.