Groupon Coupon: 10% off Goods, 20% off Local (many photo print offers live here)

Groupon is having another 2-day coupon code. Coupon SALE3 gets you 10% off Goods (physical items, eg cameras, bags, memory cards, etc) and 20% off Local deals which is where most of the various photo print offers live (custom photo books, canvas prints, wood, metal, coffee mug prints, etc). Navigate the categories or use their search box to look for items of interest at the Groupon website, or look for ideas in our previous Groupon posts.

The usual coupon restrictions apply. Maximum discount is $50 per deal. Discount on only one unit per transaction, but you can use it on up to three of each deal type (Goods, Local, Gateways). Some items are not eligible (eg manufacturer or legal restrictions). Coupon expires Thursday night 5/19/16.

Due to time-constraints, I can’t go through the Groupon site looking for deals at the moment. The highly anticipated 2-hour Google I/O 2016 keynote begins in 30 minutes or so, I will be live-tweeting the Google I/O (these things are fun!) on Twitter.