Groupon coupon: 10% off Goods, 20% off Local (custom photo prints here)

From the “Make Your Own Deal” department, Groupon has a new coupon, coupon code BEST3 gets you 20% off Local Deals (custom photo print offers reside there), 10% off Goods (camera-related gear and electronics and other physical goods reside here) and 10% off Gateways (I don’t think they have photographic-vacations, but I haven’t re-checked recently). The same coupon works on all the above categories. Maximum discount is $50 per deal. Limit one unit per deal. The coupon can be used on up to three different Local deals, up to three different Goods, and up to three Gateways. Getaway cars not included 😉 Offer ends 3/24/17 PM.