Google Chromecast (2nd gen) with 3-mo HBO Now trial for $25 w/FS

To the Trending eBay Deals we return where the official Google eBay store is offering the new condition second generation Google Chromecast (non-4K) for $25 with free shipping and a 3-month free trial to HBO Now. Limit five units per customer, but the HBO trials are not stackable on the same account or same device. The HBO Now trials are good for new subscribers on new devices only.

The second generation model came out in 2015, see fund-raising Wikipedia to untangle the various Chromecast versions. You can now send (okay, “cast” or whatever word du jour Google is using these days) a lot of things using it, so many ways to digitally flick your photography and videography to the nearest (bigger) screen.

Speaking of HBO, if you are part of the Amazon Prime/Instant-Video ecosystem, you can now sign-up for an HBO subscription through Amazon Instant Video. It comes with a 30-day free trial.