Glow Foldable Beauty Dish With Bowens Mount (White, 40″) for $35

We have another rather modest selection of Adorama daily deals, this lot running until Friday at 10am ET:

+ Glow Foldable Beauty Dish With Bowens Mount (White, 40″) for $35

+ H&A Reflection Filter Tripod Mic Stand for $21

+ Slinger Electronic Dry Cabinet (90L) for $209

+ Leatherman Wave Plus with Cap Crimper Multi-Tool, Black for $70

MEANWHiLE of the Thursday Amazon daily deals there is a Renogy Solar Panels (and Accessories) sale with six options.

Speaking of Amazon, among the Thursday 5/26/22 Kindle daily deals there’s Joe Abercrombie (no relation to Fitch LOL), Jack Higgins, David Archer (are these actual individual authors or pen-namess for a cabal of dozens of authors? LOL), and more.

The above and also the following are of potential interest to those of you who may be participating in the previously mentioned Kindle Spend $25+ to get a $6 promotional credit offer which retroactively-runs May 21-28…

Also helping you get to $25+ is an Amazon Best Seller Charts sale that features another “cabal of authors hiding under one coat”, Dean Koontz 😉 This also has autobiographies including Alicia Keys, Kobe Bryant, Malcon X and Elton John. Rumor has it he is working on a remixed autobiography together with Dua Lipa 😉