Gitzo Legende Backpack, Vallerrent Gloves, Ponte Strap, Lexar CFxA, $5 P&S case, Etc

Friday is here again and as usual the Friday B&H Photo daily deals, in a 6+1 formation, run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Gitzo Legende Camera Backpack (14L, Dark Brown/Light Brown) for $139
+ BAG the BAGS!
+ did I mention it’s GITZO? OMG!

+ Vallerret photography gloves, eight options, $19 to $60

+ SmallRIG 3747 Handheld Video Kit for iPhone 13 Pro Max for $47

+ Ponte Firebrick Canvas Camera Lift-Strap for $7

+ LEXAR 320GB Professional CFexpress Type A Card GOLD Series with Card Reader for $349

+ Polsen MP60 Microphone Preamp for $60

+ FLASH DEAL: UltiMAXX Professional Digital Point and Shoot Camera Case (Black) for $5
+ back in our time kids, we didn’t have smartphones with fancy cameras, we had Canon Elphs and Sony Cybershots and Olympus with Smartmedia!

IF YOU HAVE 15 hours to spare, free-streaming on Friday at 12pm ET at creative LIVE ON AIR it’s the 15-hour class “The Art & Business of High-End Retouching” with Pratik Naik. The first lesson (20min) is the “Kindle samples” you can watch any time to get a feel for the class/content/instructor.