FREE to Watch (starts 12pm ET): Sony a7r III Fast Start Class (WORLD PREMIERE)

Sony a7r III fans and curious bystanders! The day has arrived! Starting at 12pm eastern today, CreativeLIVE will have the world premiere (it is recording LIVE in front of a live studio audience) of the Sony a7r III Fast Start Class with John Greengo. The class will be free to watch during this promotional period and will repeat throughout the night until 12pm eastern of the next day (Wednesday in our case). If you like the class well enough that you want to watch again and again later on, they have it on a launch sale for $39.

If that’s not your cup, among the other On-AIR Schedule free-streaming classes on Tuesday is an Adobe Illustrator CC Drawing and Editing class and a DJ fundamentals. If you are or aspire to be a music or club or lifestyle photographer, it is not a bad idea to take a look at that class so you can better understand your subjects [if not already familiar with DJing]!

Coming up in the next few days
+ FEB-21: How to launch a Photography Business (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ FEB-21: Foundations of Adobe XD (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ FEB-21: Animal Photography (photographing animals I assume, not animals becoming photographers)
+ FEB-24: Photographing pets in the studio (herding cats tutorial?)
+ FEB-26: Alternative Processing in Photography
+ MAR-05: Getting started in lifestyle family photography (WORLD PREMIERE)
+ the above is just a sampling, see them all at the On-AIR Schedule