Free 2-day shipping coupon at Canon USA store [updated]

UPDATE (11pm ET): the Canon store is back online. The coupon mentioned below expires 11:59pm ET but I don’t know which day because their page (as you can see below) did not have an actual date. Perhaps it’s 11:59pm ET of the day of the issue (eg tonight). The coupon code was SITEUPGRADE15

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As of the time of writing, the Canon USA store is having some kind of a website maintenance. To make up for it, they are offering coupon code SITEUPGRADE15 for free 2-day shipping on your next order (after the website is back online). The date is missing from the coupon expiration at the bottom of the page, but it ends at 11:59pm ET on some day 🙂



  1. S.W. Anderson says

    Great catch! I wonder if the site update has something to do with its recent discovery (or rediscovery) of the mirrorless M series. Last year and earlier this year, until the recent coming of the M3, one would’ve stood a better chance of buying a legendary Canon 7s with massive f/0.95 lens at Canon’s Web store than a Canon M. A thorough site search would dredge up a couple of accessories for the M but no lenses or bodies, much less kits.

    “You’re looking for an M, huh. Um, dunno. Wait, there’s an Emma in marketing. You want to contact her? No? Well, uh . . .”

    Why was the M treated like the proverbial child of questionable parentage at a family picnic on Canon’s site? I’d love to know. My guess is a deep-seated fear of losing a few DSLR sales, but who knows.