Eneloop Power Pack for $31 w/FS {charger, 8 AA, 2 AAA, sleeves, blue case}

Don’t bag the bags! Bag the Eneloops 😉 The Panasonic Eneloop Power Pack, model KJ17MCC82A, is currently on sale for $31 with free shipping by Amazon itself. This bundle consists of:

  • 4-slot individual Advanced charger
  • 8 AA 2000 mAh (1900 type) rechargeables with up to 2100 recharges
  • 2 AAA rechargeables
  • two C sleeves, two D sleeves
  • the blue carrying/storage case

Maximum six bundles per customer at the sale price. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time unknown.

If you don’t care for the custom case and the AAA batteries and the sleeves, for about half the price you can get the 4-slot charger with 4 AAs, currently going for $16. So $32 will get you two chargers and 8 AAs.