Ends Fri 3am ET: earn 4x eBay Bucks for every $100+ item (must opt-in)

eBay has another Bonus eBay Bucks promotion for members of their Rewards program (eBay Bucks) which is free to join. This promotion is opt-in, meaning you have to activate the promotion on your eBay account. Check your eBay Messages or the email associated with your eBay account for more details. This promotion gets you 4x eBay Bucks for every individual item priced $100 or more. Not an order total of various items totaling $100+, but individual products priced $100 or more on their own… No coupon is needed, but you must manually opt-in for the offer… The offer ends at 3am ET on Friday 11/7/14.

A good place to start looking for potentially interesting offers are the eBay Daily Deals… The usual restrictions apply for this offer – check your eBay Message or email for all the details.