(ENDED) eBay Auction: Used LEICA D-LUX TYPE 109 ($600 now, ends Sun PM)

This auction ended on Christmas Day for $700 with 10 bids placed…

To eBayLandia we go, where the eBay store of Precision Camera is offering a Used LEICA D-LUX TYPE 109 in an auction-style listing. The camera has 113 shutter count per the listing.

As of the time of writing, the price is $600 with 0 bids. There is no reserve. The auction ends Sunday at 7:28pm ET. Sunday being Christmas Day, this may not get as much attention, so it increases the chances of getting a good price.

Precision is a reputable and authorized dealer out of Austin, Texas, _the_ creative hub of the Republic of Texas. The Type 109 is a Panasonic LX100 cousin if I’m not mistaken. Thanks to one of our readers for the alert!