Duracell Coppertop Battery Rewards return at Office Depot / Max

It’s a new week and that means new Office Depot and Office Max Rewards Offers for their rewards members. Among this week’s offers, which run from Sunday AM until Saturday 6/24/17 11:59pm eastern (or store closing time if buying at B&M), is the return of the Duracell Coppertop Battery Rewards.

As before, you can buy one or two 16-packs of Duracell Coppertop AA or AAA batteries. You have to show them your Rewards number in-store or make sure it is included in your online shopping account. You pay full price plus sales tax. After a few weeks, you will receive the purchase price of the batteries (minus $0.01, minus the sales tax) as an Office Depot Reward which you can use in future purchases over there.

Valid in-store, online, by phone or fax. These rewards will be issued separately from the monthly rewards, which is good, because they are not subject to the sneaky $10 multiple restriction.