Duracell 1c After Rewards Battery Offers is back

This week’s Office Depot Rewards offers running until Saturday 12/2/17 close of business include the return of the Duracell 1c After Rewards offers. As before, you can buy one or two 16-packs of Duracell Alkaline single-use AA or AAA batteries.

You pay full price ($15.99 per 16-pack), making sure your rewards account is in your online profile (if buying online) or you show your rewards card (or enter your phone number) if buying at the store. A few weeks later you will receive Office Depot-Max rewards of $15.98 in your online account per 16-pack. Sales-tax is not included in the rewards amount, that’s out of your pocket.

On the same Office Depot Rewards offers page you will also notice a similar 1c after rewards offer for Bose X-9 copy paper, and other rewards-y offers for other brand copy papers as well.

Please note that the combined Office Depot-Max rewards cannot be rolled like the old Office Max Rewards. You have to spend “fresh money” on these batteries if you want to get rewards back.