Details on the small $1.99 AmazonBasics camera bag

This is the update that was promised, the previously mentioned small AmazonBasics camera bag, currently going for $1.99 (limit 90, part of the Add-On program) has arrived. It is indeed a small bag, for small thin P&S cameras. Most older P&S cameras are probably too thick or too big to fit. It is perhaps best suited if you want to store memory cards, flash drives, small camera remote controls and other small accessories and things you don’t want to lose – in their own padded zippered bag.

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The main compartment has a zipper that only opens on two sides, in a curved L-fashion. To give you a general size estimate, you can fit about five random USB flash drives side by side in there (I literally grabbed five different ones). You can stuff and squeeze some more if you prefer (depending on size). Alternately, you can just barely fit the iPod Touch 4 in terms of width and length. Height-wise, you could maybe stack up to two naked (no cases) iPod Touch 4s (plural). Alternately, you can stuff a handful memory cards (in their original plastic cases, which vary in size, so YMMV, probably best for SD* and microSD*, since CompactFlash takes more space).

There’s also a second zippered compartment that you can stuff in a couple of USB flash drives or memory cards (again, size is variable, so YMMV) or anything else fairly small.

It has a carabiner clip that can be removed and reused elsewhere (open and rotate until it goes out of the loop). It also has a strap on the back that you can squeeze in up to two fingers for a quick hold/carry or attachment to belts and other things.

Each bag is stored in its own semi-sturdy cardboard box (frustration-free packaging signature box), roughly 5.5 by 3.5 by 1.5 inches (measurements approximate and rounded, while half asleep). These little boxes can be reused/repurposed, handy for storage or if you are mailing small things that need extra protection. Or flatten and recycle. Or use them as mystery boxes to drive curious cats crazy 🙂