CreativeLIVE $40 and $50 off coupons (AND Free-to-Watch Classes of the Week)

It’s coupon time at the Creative LIVE website!

If you want to start a Netflix-style subscription, coupon WELCOME99 gets you $50 off, making a 12-month paid subscription drop to $99 for the first year.

If you want to buy any of the many classes offered at the Creative Live website, coupon code JULYSAVINGS40 gets you $40 off your purchase.

If you don’t want to pay anything, Creative LIVE has you covered too. They have free-to-watch classes on an on-going basis, you watch them while they are free-streaming, but after that window closes, you cannot watch them anymore.

You can find the free-to-watch classes at the ON-AIR TODAY page. Upcoming classes include Macro (Chris McGinnis), Olympus Lens Guide (with John Greengo of course), Photoshop CC, portraiture, street photography, and various other creative and meta-creative topics.