Prime Cards Only: 10% back on AmazonBasics (573 options)

If you have a Prime membership AND a Prime credit or store card (VISA or Amazon’s own), then for a limited time you can get 10% back on the purchase of select AmazonBasics products. As of the time of writing there are 573 options available including batteries, light bulbs, cables, memory cards, tripods, etc. Many of these can be found in the 101 Electronics category of AmazonBasics products.

I’ve used a lot of AmazonBasics products through the years, overall, when the price is favorable, they are not a bad deal. Except for the exception – when they are lemons 🙂 That’s why they have the customer reviews and ratings and Q&A sections!

Monoprice coupon: 15% off a $50+ order

If you are a fan of the Monoprice way of life, for a limited time, coupon code EXTRA15OFF gets you 15% off a purchase of $50+ at the Monoprice website. Terms, conditions, restrictions, etc, etc, etc apply…

Monoprice coupons: $5/$25+ or $25/$100+

Coupon time at the Monoprice website, good until 2/20/23 they have these two coupon promotions:

+ $5 off $25+ with coupon PRES

+ $25 off $100+ with coupon DAY

+ terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations and laywerese apply 🙂

Speaking of Monoprice, they are running a Clearance and Overstock sale with 563 participating items as of the time of writing and they are also running a President’s Day sale as well.

B&H Depth of Field Special Offers

To sale-a-brate the Depth of Field Conference, B&H Photo, as it is customary, is also running in parallel Trade Show Special Offers. Some offers may need coupon code BHDOF23 for the offer to activate.

Free Shipping at with coupon

If you’ve always wanted to buy things from Drop (artist formerly known as Massdrop) but didn’t want to pay shipping, you are in luck! Until 1/29/23 at 11:59pm pacific time, coupon code NOMOREOUTAGES (all in one word) gets you free shipping at the Drop website. And if your order total is $125+ [their usual free shipping threshold] you get free FASTER shipping.

ImagingUSA 2023 Adorama specials

Sale-a-brating the 2023 Imaging USA trade show and conference is Adorama as well with their own Trade Show specials. The offers run until 1/29/23 when the trade show ends. They include products from various product categories, too many to list here individually…

Imaging USA Conference specials w/coupon

To sale-a-brate the Imaging USA 2023 photo conference, B&H Photo is running limited time Imaging USA Conference specials. Some of them require coupon code IMAGING23 to get the special offer. Too many to list here individually…

Speaking of specials, if you are a fan of the Monoprice Way, they are currently running a limited time flash sale of various products…

Adorama Year End Clearance Sale

Adorama is currently running a Year-End Clearance Sale with over 5000 items participating. The Photography category alone has over 2000 items.

Needless to say, these are too many to list here individually, but you can use the various filters at the Adorama sales pages to filter by various options (brand, type, price range, etc, etc, etc)…

The B&H Deal Zone All-Star Game is Here (1569 options)

It’s time for an All Star Game! No, not the basketball kind, but the daily deals kind! B&H Photo has brought back their MEGA DEAL ZONE, where many of the previously featured daily deals are LIVE, all TOGETHER, at the SAME TIME! As of the time of writing there are 1569 options! Over time, the number may decrease if some of the offers sell-out/run-out.

You can filter them using the left-hand side categories over there, for example there are 713 options under the Photography category and 156 under the Lighting category.

These run in 24 hour increments. I do not know how many days these will last. Some of the offers expire 12/29/22 which may be a clue. Best case scenario, B&H has their usual Friday Sabbath closing, so they could end on Friday. This is speculation on my part, I do not have inside knowledge.

Check them all at the MEGA DEAL ZONE page. After this promotion expires, they will return to their usual daily deals (which currently redirect to the MEGA DEAL ZONE)…

Cyber Monday is here!

Yes, Cyber Monday is officially here, although, it’s really just one giant Friday to Monday Black Cyber weekend! Let’s take a look at some of the retailers participating:

+ B&H Photo Cyber Monday with all kinds of offers, scroll-down in an ever-scroll format or filter by categories and brands

+ Adorama Cyber Monday in a cool blue website color-scheme, broken down by various categories and such

+ Amazon Cyber Monday, it’s like the regular Gold Box but Cyber-Monday’ed. Use the usual filters on the left-hand side to narrow things down to product categories of interest, eg Camera and Photo
+ PRO-TIP: when you are in the Cyber Monday Gold Box, the Amazon search box up at the top of their page is pre-filtered to search for the Cyber Monday deals specifically (you can adjust it as you please though to search sitewide, or within specific product categories)

+ NewEGG Cyber Monday – back in our time kids, the NewEgg website would always crash at the Black Friday reveals. Nowadays, both the web servers and the customers have grown up 😉

+ 1-Year prepaid Netflix-style CreativeLIVE subscription for $99 after coupon code CYBERSAVE
+ or $20 off class orders of $40+ with coupon CYBER20

+ sales and coupons at 6 Dollar Shirts, I bought many times from them before, and they have stood the test of time, considering/despite the $6+ price 🙂

+ Woot sale-a-brates with a “best of woot” sale and cyber week deals

+ Best Buy sale-a-brates with a “Cyber Monday is Here” theme 🙂

Black Friday officially dawns at Amazon, NewEgg, Etc

Black Friday is here and in the pacific time zone, and pretty soon in Hawai’iii too, so more websites are officially and formally “dressing up” their websites in Black Friday gear!

More specifically, the NewEgg website is now a Black Friday crash test for your browser and phone and tablet and laptop. Yes, it’s that bad 🙂 Save any open files before going there 🙂

Amazon too has updated their Black Friday page, which looks pretty much like a special edition of their usual Gold Box 🙂 Another browser crashing test! Speaking of which, there’s another drop of 230+ Kindle ebooks on offer. Because reading is FUN-da-MENTAL!

Already in Black Friday mode are the websites of B&H Photo and Adorama and
Monoprice and KEH Camera and many and more…

On a blog-related note, I have temporarily increased the number of posts that show on the home page from 30 to 50, so you can see all the recently-posted deals on a single page, so you don’t have to navigate 2nd and 3rd pages. It may slow down access a bit but probably not ~ unless for some strange reason this blog goes viral with the web or the forums or the search engines (unlikely LOL).

And one last thing, which I should have mentioned at the start of Black Friday week (yes, I’ve become very rusty), we have a FREE Full-Text RSS Feed with Feedburner if you want to keep up with the offers using your favorite RSS readers and such. If we had Patreon, this would have been a great Patreon reward tier, but back in our time, we didn’t have such things on the internets, we just had text-based browsers and dial-up 🙂

Amazon launches Black Friday sales too

Amazon too has pushed out their Black Friday offers using their usual Gold Box format. The sale includes 270+ Kindle eBooks including the 4th book in Brandon Sanderson’s The Stormlight Archive. He writes book at a crazy 20fps speed 😉

Speaking of Amazon, which is usually reserved in allowing outside payment options, they are now accepting Venmo, part of the PayPal family!

Costco and Groupon launch their Black Fridays

If you are a Costco member (I am not, so I do not have full visibility), they too have launched their online Black Friday specials. It pains me to say, no free food sampling stations on their website – unless only members can see them 😉

For post-economy sake, we include this here, we have the launch of the Groupon Black Friday sales. Yes, Groupon managed to survive while other more grounded retailers haven’t 🙂 [OOOPS, we’re not supposed to make snarky comments on Thanksgiving Day according to Miss Manners]

Black Friday at NEWEGG!

It’s Black Friday time at the NewEGG website as well with a variety of tech products and discounts. You can use the various filters on their website to narrow it down to the products and brands of interest. Way too many to list here individually 🙂

Adorama adds more to their Black Friday sale

Adorama has added more offers to their Black Friday is ON sale. Too many to list here individually, but you can use the various categories and sub-categories and such to filter them through by your area(s) of interest…

Black Friday arrives at Monoprice

The party is already in progress at the Monoprice Black Friday sale that features a number of their home-made monitors (Zero-G and Dark Matter lines), Monolith audio, cables, charging gear, and the usual assortment of the techie gear they specialize in.

As part of the promotions, coupon code WM20 gets you 20% off Wall Mounts – there’s a soccer world cup in progress after all.

Separately they have a promotion that gets you December coupons if you make qualifying purchase over preset amounts.

B&H launches Black Friday pricing on Cameras and Lenses

The party has began! B&H Photo has launched Black Friday pricing on various cameras and lenses from most of the major manufacturers including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Pentax, Olympus, Panasonica, Zeiss Zeiss Baby, Shiguma, Tammy “Tamron” Wynette, Voigtlander, Rokinon, etc… No Leica however 🙂

Too many to list here individually, more on these later on as I start digesting things and getting into Black Friday mode 🙂

PS: as with all previous years, B&H goes early/earlier with their Black Friday, because every week they are closed on the Sabbath, which is Friday PM to Saturday PM. So plan your purchases accordingly!

Starts Monday 1pm ET: Day #2 of B&H Optic West 2022

Day #2 of the B&H Optic West (Monterey, California) free event begins on Monday 11/7/22 at 1pm eastern time! This consists of the Main stage and the Explorer stage. You can find them all at the trade show’s YouTube Playlist. Or for your convenience you can find the YouTube-embed of the Main Stage at the bottom of this post.

To sale-a-brate the event, there are OPTIC Show Special Offers in-progress as well. Some of them require coupon code OPTICW22.

B&H Optic West Conference In Progress (with Specials)

The B&H Photo OPTIC West Conference is live in progress. IT is a two-day event. Day #1 has already taken place!

And of course, there are OPTIC Show Special Offers in-progress as well. Some of them require coupon code OPTICW22.

Each day has two live stages and you can live-stream and rewatch them in this YouTube Playlist.

Below you will find YouTube-embedded Day #1 of the Main Stage, nearly eight hours long!

B&H launches Holiday Head Start sale

If you like to get a …head start on your holiday shopping season, well, B&H has created a sale just for you, the …Holiday Head Start sale. Because Halloween is over and now the 2022 Black Friday and Holiday Shopping season is …inevitable 🙂

Adorama 48-Hour Flash Sale In-Progress

We join this in progress, Adorama is currently running a 48 Hour Flash Sale featuring products from all the major product categories they carry including photography, computers, gaming, lighting and studio gear, drones and binos, A/V and music, and such. Too many items to list here individually…

UPDATE: things are fairly quiet camera/photo-wise at this current iteration of the Adorama daily deals (until Thursday at 10am ET) so I’m appending them to this post instead of creating a brand new one:

+ Logitech G G PRO X Gaming Headset with Microphone for $90

+ IK Multimedia iRig Stream Solo Ultracompact 3×1 TRRS Audio Interface for Smartphones and Tablets for $30

+ DPVR E3 4K Gaming Combo with E3 4K VR Gaming Headset and NOLO Controller for $399

+ Lenovo D27-30 27″ 16:9 Full HD WLED VA Monitor with 3-side Near-Edgeless Design for $125

Adorama’s Biggest Clearance of the Year (4320+ options)

Adorama is currently running what they call their Biggest Clearance Sale of the year. As of the time of writing the sale features 4326 options! They are slightly too many to list here individually, so check for your brands and products and product types and systems of interest!

Adorama Labor Day Sale (1546 options)

Adorama has launched their pre-Labor-Day Labor Day sale with a total of 1546 options available as part of this sale. The items you see are sorted by “Popular Results”, but you can filter them by many different ways using the options and filters at the aforelinked page…

15% off with Monoprice coupon (near site-wide)

For a limited time, the Monoprice website is having a Back to School sale with 15% off thanks to coupon code (wait for it) APLUS (that’s the grade 1% of the students get? mayhaps not a smart coupon code?). The usual terms, conditions, restrictions and exclusions apply.

Elsewhere in sales, the REI Outlet is having a “handpicked gear sale” running until 8/15/22 or earlier if sold out.

On the freebies front, if you are a member of the Lucky’s Rewards program (free to join), this weekend, you can score a FREE 16oz Sparkling ICE + Caffeine beverage in a recyclable tin. Select varieties, while supplies last…

Earn $10 Amazon Credit with Prime Activities

If you are planning to make an Amazon Prime purchase by Wednesday 7/13/22 at 11:59pm pacific time, AND you are a Prime member (paying or free trial), you can easily earn a $10 Amazon store credit thanks to this StampCard promotion.

The four things you have to do to earn the $10 store credit are:

  • make a Prime-eligible purchase
  • stream a Prime video
  • listen to a song with Prime Music
  • borrow an ebook on Prime Reading

The only thing that costs money is the money you pay to make the Prime-eligible purcahse. The other three items are Prime Benefits. They are basically adding them to the Stampcard to encourage more Prime members to try out the other Prime benefits.

The aforelinked page has a progress bar showing you which ones of the steps you have completed.

PS: if you are not a Prime member, first start a 30-day free trial and then take the steps to earn the $10 store credit…

Prime Dayz are Coming – start a FREE Trial

The big dayz are almost upon us! Prime Dayz officially start on Tuesday July 12 in 2022 at 12:01am pacific time and run for 48 hours until Wednesday July 13 at 11:59pm pacific time!

If you are already a Prime member, you can participate in all the offers.

If you are not a Prime member, you can still participate in the offers by starting a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL and be eligible for all the offers and Prime benefits during your free trial.

If you previously had a 30-day free trial, the Amazon AI computer system will decide if you are eligible for another one for your account. It will tell you so.

Alternately if you don’t want to prepay for a 1-year subscription, and you are not eligible for a 30-day free trial, you can start a month-to-month subscription and keep it only for as long as you need it, eg one month so you can participate in the Prime Deals or to watch the new half-a-billion Lord of the Rings TV show…

UPDATE: if you are a student at an eligible institution, you can get a FREE 6-month Prime Student trial, and then you can optionally stay one for a 50% off a prepaid 1-year Prime membership ($69 per year). You are also eligible for three Prime Student benefits, Showtime $1/month for a year, Amazon Music Unlimited for $1/month, and 6-months of free Linked In Premium…

National Camera Day sales (410+ options)

Adorama is sale-a-brating National Camera Day with 416 offerings as of the time of writing. There are various camera kits in this bundle, including mirrorless, DSLR, fixed lens, a few medium format and a couple of instant cameras too.

Obviously too many to list here individually but you can use the filters over there by manufacturer and such…

B&H OPTIC 2022 Special Offers

To sale-a-brate the OPTIC 2022 trade-show, B&H Photo is also running in parallel OPTIC 2022 special offers with the usual assortment of camera and photo and electronics and such.

Too many to list here individually, but if time permits, I may highlight some of them offers later on…

Pay $60, Get 1-Year Costco Gold Star Membership and $40 Costco eGift Card

Costco fans, unite and take-over! This offer is good for new Costco memberships, not for renewals. Yes, it’s the return of the Groupon – Costco deal. You pay $60, and for that you get:

  • 1-year Costco Gold Star membership
  • $40 Costco digital gift card that can be used in-store and online
  • coupon for $40 off a $250+ order at the Costco website (coupon expires 8/14/22)

Check the list of terms and conditions and restrictions before buying if you are not familiar with Costco or this offer.

Looking forward to y’all posting pictures of the 200-pack of socks you purchased 😉

Adorama Clearance Sale (2446 options)

Adorama is having another variant of their Clearance Sale with 2446 products participating as of the time of writing.

Prices start at $0.25 (one item) and then move on to $0.49 where there is a handful of lens-caps, body-caps, screen-protectors and such. You can see these when you sort by lowest price