Thursday: Godox UL60, Oben Kit, Pelican case, ReVo vlog light

Good until Thirsty-Thursday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) you can have these B&H Photo daily deal options:

+ GoDoX UL60 Silent LED Video Light for $174

+ Revo Bi-Color Vlog Light with Phone Holder for $10
+ or you can buy 17 of these instead 😉

+ Oben Magnetic Mounting Kit with Dual-Action Mini Ball Head for $40

+ FeelWorld FW568 V2 5.5″ IPS 500 cd/m² On-Camera Monitor for $95

+ Pelican 1650 Case with Foam (Black) for $250

+ Alfatron Active USB 3.0 Extension Cable with Booster Chip (35′) for $45

Wednesday: Dr Bag, Remote Shutter [6o], SYRP Carpet, Lexar CFxB, C-Stand Kit, Samsung TV, Etc

We be ready at the go today with the new round of the hump day B&H Photo daily deals:

+ SACHTLER Dr Bag #3 for $130~
+ you can also use it in cosplays and movies!

+ Vello FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Release for $30 for select cameras in select systems: Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Olympus, Panasonic, and Sony MT

+ SYRP Magic Carpet Short Slider (24″) for $151

+ 1TB LEXAR Professional CFexpress Type B Card SILVER Series for $190

+ 2TB LEXAR Professional CFexpress Type B Card GOLD Series for $330

+ Savage Stainless Steel C-Stand Kit with 53″ x 18′ White Seamless Paper (9.5′) for $166

+ Samsung VHR-R 55″ Class Full HD Video Wall IPS LED Display for $1450

Tuesday: Lowepro Trekker, WoodenCamera, Dry Cabinets, LitePanels Astra, SmallRig tripod, Sandisk Desk Drives, Etc

Good until Tuesday at 11:59pm ET, you can have these B&H Photo daily deal options:

+ 4TB Sandisk Desk Drive SSD USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 External Drive for $340 in-cart
+ 8TB of that for $640 in-cart

+ SmallRIG T-10 Aluminum Travel Tripod for $42

+ WoodenCamera Director’s Monitor Cage v3 with Dual Carbon Fiber Handgrips for $179

+ LitePanels Astra 6X Bi-Color LED Light Panel for $470

+ BlackMagic Ultimatte 12 HD Keyer/Advanced Compositing Processor for $595

+ Ruggard electronic dry cabinets, 14 options, starting at $80

+ CoreSWX Mach4 4-Position Charger with 4A Rapid Charge (V or B or Gold Mount) for $849

+ FLASH DEAL: Lowepro Trekker Lite BP 250 AW Backpack (Black, 25.5L) for $60

Monday: SpyderX PRO, Pelican Vault, SmallHD, 17″ LG Gram, Sachtler, Etc

I fell through a time portal and all of a sudden it’s Monday! Good until 7/15/24 at 11:59pm ET you can have these B&H Photo dailies:

+ DataCOLOR SpyderX Pro Colorimeter for $90

+ Pelican V525 Vault Rolling Hard Case with Padded Divider Insert (Black) for $130
+ bag the bags, case the cases!

+ SmallHD INDIE 7 Touchscreen On-Camera Monitor for $899

+ 17″ LG gram Pro Laptop for $1300
+ Core Ultra 7 155H 16-Core
+ 16GB LPDDR5x | 1TB NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD
+ 2560 x 1600 144 Hz IPS
+ NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 (4GB GDDR6)
+ fun fact: despite the name, it weighs more than one gram 😉

+ Sachtler aktiv6 flowtech75 MS Tripod System for $2325

+ HiSense BM66AE Series 43″ Class 4K UHD Commercial Monitor for $299

Thursday: Bolt Macro Ring Light for $30, Nanuk 910 w/Foam for $40, Delkin CFxB, SYRP, Etc

All apologies for yesterday’s sub-standard (by our already low standards) Samsung live-tweeting, there just wasn’t enough snark-worthy material 🙂

Don’t throw away your studio lights, but a light is a light and the Thursday MEH daily deal is a 2-pack of Lastar LED Desk Lamp w/USB Charging Port going for $18 plus shipping (FREE for paying MEH-memberers).

The lower-priced lighting theme continues at the Thursday B&H Photo daily deals as well:

+ BOLT VM-110 LED Macro Ring Light for $30
+ it looks adorable too 😉

+ Nanuk 910 Hard Case with Foam FOR $40 in six color options, handy for color-coding organizers

+ 512GB Delkin POWER 4.0 CFexpress Type B Memory Card for $150

+ SYRP Magic Carpet Carbon Slider Kit with Short Carbon Track Extension (48″) for $200
+ I recently used the “this carpet won’t fly” joke (attempt), so I’m not allowed to repeat it here 😉

+ Ashly public address mixer/amplifier type things, $99 to $199

+ SOLD OUT: PortKeys PT5 II 5″ 4K HDMI Touchscreen Monitor with 3D LUT Support

Wednesday: Godox SZ150R Zoom, 200W GaN, Etc

Kinda hard to have photography without light which brings us to the Wednesday B&H Photo daily deals:

+ GoDoX SZ150R Zoom RGB LED Monolight for $399

+ Xcellon PDG-4200B 4-Port 200W GaN USB Charger for $60
+ because humans are no longer the only power hungry things on planet earth 😉

+ MountIT Heavy Duty Dual Monitor Arm for Screens up to 35″ for $180

+ Cleer true wireless for $35

PS: the MEH-rathon is over!

Mon: Tokina 300/7.1 Reflex MF CF SZ for $199 [X/E/EF-M], Sachtler, SmallHD, 27″ AOC, CoreSWX, Angelbird, MEH-rathon

Yes dear readers, your patience has been rewarded with a mirrorless … mirror lens in the Monday B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Tokina SZ 300mm f/7.1 Pro Reflex MF CF for $199 in Fuji X, Sony E and Canon EF-M

+ Sachtler Flowtech 75 MS Carbon Fiber Tripod System with Ace XL Mark II Fluid Head for $1599

+ SmallHD ULTRA 5 Bright Touchscreen Monitor for $1450

+ AOC AGON Pro PD27S 27″ for $180
+ HDR, Gaming Monitor
+ 16:9 IPS, QHD (1440p) 2560 x 1440 at 170 Hz
+ DisplayPort 1.4 | HDMI 2.0, Adaptive Sync

+ Gator 52″ Utility Cart Standard for $170
+ not the Florida kind of gator!

+ CoreSWX Helix Max 147Wh Lithium-Ion Dual-Voltage Battery (Gold or V or B Mount) for $499 each

+ FLASH DEAL: Angelbird 1320GB AV Pro XT MK2 CFexpress 2.0 Type B Memory Card for $1100
+ almost as expensive as a 32MB Smartmedia!

MEANwhile at the MEH website we have a sale-a-bration, it’s a MEH-rathon celebrating their 10 year anniversary. Time sure does fly. It almost feels like yesterday when MEH launched 🙂

Sunday: Manfrotto Tripods, SideTrak Swivel Portable Monitor, Etc

Good until Sunday at 11:59pm ET on 7/7/24 you can have these four B&H Photo daily deal options:

+ PortaBRACE ACB-3B Assistant Camera Pouch with Belt (Large, Midnight Black) for $119

+ Manfrotto MK055XPRO3-BHQ2 Aluminum Tripod with XPRO Ball Head and 200PL QR Plate for $220 after in-cart coupon

+ Manfrotto MK055XPRO3-3W Aluminum Tripod with 3-Way Pan/Tilt Head for $220 after in-cart coupon

+ SideTrak Swivel HD 12.5″ Attachable Portable Monitor for $250
+ making portable monitors great again!

+ Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-6000F II 2.5-Way Floorstanding Speaker (Walnut, Single) for $380 after in-cart coupon
+ walnuts is the wood, no edible walnuts are included in the package 😉

Feiyu SCORP Gimbal, HDMI Switch, Etc (ends Sat pm)

Friday is here and as always, the B&H Photo daily deals [CORRECTED LINK!] run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out [one of them just did!]:

+ FeiYU SCORP 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for $199
+ yes, SCORPius!

+ IOGear 3-Port True DCI/UHD 4K HDMI Switch for around $20 after in-cart coupon

+ MountIT Premium Microphone Boom Arm for around $50 after in-cart coupon

+ SOLD OUT: General Mini Tripod for Smartphones

Thursday: Monoprice Volume Pricing, Pelican Storm, Oben Tripod, Elac pair, Etc

If you have a big family or a big circle of friends, business associates, coworkers, etc or if you like to donate useful things, fear not, Monoprice has you covered with over 900 items participating in their Volume Pricing sale. The more you buy, the less you pay. And if you reach infinity, time stops and they are all free 😉

Next up, we find a new foursome of B&H Photo daily dealzez as followz:

+ Pelilcan iM2075 Storm Case (Coyote, 8.5L) for $50
+ approved by Stormfather [TM Brandon Sanderson]

+ O’Ben TT-300 Tabletop Tripod for $40

+ Elac Adsum Debut ConneX DCB41-DS 2-Way Active Bookshelf Speakers (Pair) for $350
+ the name is complicated enough to justify the price 😉

+ Senal USB mic for $50

Wedn: Think Tank Cables Bag, FotoPRO Mini Tripod, Etc

Yes, we have a specialty “bag the bags” in the Wednesday 7/3/24 B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Think Tank Photo Cable Management 30 V2.0 for $20
+ BAG the Cables-BAG!

+ FotoPRO X-Go Mini Tripod for $59
+ yes, today we have both BAGS and TRIPODS!

+ iK iRig Pre HD Audio Interface with Mic Pre for $70

+ Kanto PX600 Full-Motion Wall Mount for 37 to 75″ Displays (Black, B&H Exclusive) for $100

Speaking of bags, the Wednesday MEH daily deal is a Bon Voyage Aero Collection 3-Piece Luggage Set for $130 plus shipping. In different color options.

On the e-learningz front, free-streamin at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON AIR we learn about layer masks, invitations in photoshop, repeat sales and growing our biz!

Tuesday: SYRP Magic Carpet, Pelican Cases, BlackRapid, Etc

Tuesday is here, aka ToonsDAY aka iTunesDAY [yes, we never forgetz the bad jokes!] and we have a fresh set of B&H Photo daily dealioz good until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out [sometimes they do, especially if I don’t post the deals early! LOL]:

+ Pelican 1120 Case with Foam (Black) for $30
+ Pelican 1400 Case with Foam (Black) for $80
+ check size/dimensions!

+ SYRP Magic Carpet PRO Medium Track Kit for $200
+ unfortunately this carpet won’t fly!

+ BlackRapid Curve Breathe Bundle (Special 50th Anniversary Edition) for $80
+ these are what we call “cult accessories”

+ Samsung G32A 27″ 16:9 165 Hz FreeSync LCD Gaming Monitor for $140

Speaking of Samsung, there’s a Fold/Flip event scheduled for July 10 in 2024. Other things equal I will be live-tweeting this. I will post a separate alert when it gets close.

Monday: Energizer Powersource bundle, Nanuk 933, SmallHD, Manfrotto BeFREE, Etc

Press ONE if you like Mondays! Oh, no clicks? I thought so 🙂

How many energizer bunnies can you fit in this one? The Monday July 1st 2024 MEH daily deal is the Energizer 1200W / 991Wh Ultimate Powersource Pro Solar Bundle going for $600 plus shipping. New condition with 90-day warranty. A 200W solar panel is included, thus the “bundle” in the name.

Next up, we have four offerings at the B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Nanuk 933 Hard Case Pro Photo Kit (36.4L) for $200 in five color schemes with FREE Nanuk shoulder strap

+ Manfrotto BeFREE Advanced Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with 494 Ball Head (Twist Locks, Black) for $190 after in-cart couponizationing

+ SmallHD 703 UltraBright On-Camera Monitor for $1699

+ Specu security DVR type thing for $400

Sunday: $3 Battery pouch, SmallRig NP-F970 for $25, 1TB Samsung 980 PRO, OWC CFxB, Etc

Sunday is here, and if it is not sunny, you can get a refund at the Sun’s Customer Service center 😉

Good until the end of June 2024 (aka 6/30/24) at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out [sometimes they do!] you can haz these B&H Photo daily deal options:

+ Ruggard Battery Pouch for 1 DSLR Battery (Black) for $3
+ yes, bag the camera-battery bags!
+ why didn’t I think of this niche a decade ago!

+ IOGear Compact USB 3.1 Gen 1 SDXC/microSDXC Card Reader/Writer for $8 after coupon

+ SmallRIG L-Series NP-F970 Camera Battery for $25

+ 1TB Samsung 980 PRO PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 Internal SSD with Heatsink for $85 after in-cart coupon

+ OWC 650GB Atlas Ultra CFexpress Type B for $250
+ yes, this card shrugs too 😉
+ optionally buy together with card wallet for $263

+ Klipsch Reference Premiere RP-600M II Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker (Ebony, Pair) for $299
+ that’s $150 per speaker 🙂

tHEN to the SunDaY MEH website we geaux where we findz a 2pk of Griffin 10W wireless charging stands for $10 plus shipping. At this price they could even be used as …just stands 😉

This weekend’s theme at the DiscountMAGS sale is 50 magazines for $5.50+ each. Check titles, duration, format (by mail or online) and such.

PRODUCT RECALL alert from Trader Joe! Their “Mango Tangerine Scented Candle” may have “an unexpected burn pattern”, a “larger than expected flame”.

Oben Base Head, Tascam USB-C mic (end Sat pm)

Oh dear, I was 11.5 hours late and two of the four B&H Photo daily deals running until Saturday at 11:59pm ET have sold out!

+ Oben LH-2510 Leveling Base Head for $60
+ from afar, the thumbnail looks a little bit like a fancy coffee carafe 🙂

+ Tascam TM-250U Supercardioid USB Type-C Condenser Microphone for $29

+ SOLD OUT: Helder FPTM-70 Portable Tripod Stand with TV Mount for 37 to 70″ Displays

+ SOLD OUT: 128GB Samsung PRO Plus UHS-I microSDXC Memory Card with SD Adapter

Thursday: 17″ LG Gram, 27″ SmallHD, Etc

For a limited time, coupon code 15OFF gets you $15 off a purchase of $100+ at the Monoprice website. The usual TCRLs apply (terms, conditions, restrictions, limitations).

Good until Thursday 6/27/24 at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) you can haz these options of B&H Photo daily deals:

+ 17″ LG gram Laptop for $499 with FREE Bitdefender
+ Core i5 12-Core (13th Gen)
+ 8GB LPDDR5, 512GB M.2 PCIe 4.0 SSD
+ 17″ 2560 x 1600 IPS
+ Integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics

+ CoreSWX Hypercore NEO 9 Mini 98Wh Lithium-Ion Battery (V-Mount or Gold) for $195 each

+ InoVaTiV QR VESA System for $114

+ SmallHD OLED 27″ 4K Production and Grading Monitor for $7999
+ holy cow!

Wedn: FotoPRO Tripod Kit, Shape Bag w/Removable Pouches

Somewhere in the time vortex we kinda lost a day, but time only goes forward and won’t stand still, so good until Wednesday 6/26/24 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out we have these B&H Photo Daily Dealz:

+ FotoPRO X-GO Max Tripod Kit with FPH-62Q Ball Head (Black) for $130

+ Shape Camera Bag with Removable Pouches for $197
+ yes, removable pouches = system 🙂

+ MountIT Portable Height Adjustable Laptop & Projector Stand for $90 minus 38% off in-cart coupon

+ EarTec HUB8S UltraLITE 8-Person HUB Intercom System (USA) for $1499
+ if you don’t know what this is, you probably don’t need it 🙂

Monday: Tokina 33/1.4 for $199 [E], Lowepro Trekker, Sachtler aktiv8, LG 27″, CoolerMaster G-Chair, Etc

Yes dear readers, today is a special half-holiday! Merry Half-Christmas. That’s right, it’s six months until XMaS 2024!

Hooray-Hooray today is a lenze daye at the B&H Photo daily deals, more specifically for the letter E:

+ Tokina 33mm f1.4 atx-m for $199 in Sony E
+ the Fuji X is not on sale
+ on the same listing you will find the 56mm f1.4 atx-m in the Sony E also on sale for $300 (this is not part of the daily deal but it’s own sale)

+ LowePRO Trekker Lite BP 150 AW Backpack (Gray, 18.5L) for $50

+ Sachtler aktiv8 flowtech75 MS Tripod System for $2500~

+ LG 27BR530Y-B 27″ Monitor for $129
+ 16:9 IPS Panel, HDMI | DisplayPort | DVI
+ 1920 x 1080 at 75 Hz
+ 5 ms (GtG) Response

+ Cooler Master Caliber X2 Gaming Chair for $270 in two color schemes

+ Gator 52″ Utility Cart All-Terrain for $200
+ I can’t imagine what of adventures kids and teenagers can get into with this all-terrain thing 🙂

Sunday: Pelican Carry-On, Gitzo Traveler, SmallHD, Etc

Good until Sunday 6/24/24 at 11:59pm ET, you have these four options in the B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Pelican 1510TP Carry-On Case with Trekpak Divider System (Black) for $240

+ Gitzo GT2545T Series 2 Traveler Carbon Fiber Tripod with Center Ball Head & GM2542 Carbon Fiber Monopod (Special 50th Anniversary Kit) for $550
+ a proper combo meal, a tripod and a monopod 😉

+ SmallHD Cine 7 Touchscreen On-Camera Monitor (L-Series) for $1499
+ no, not that L-series 🙂

+ IndiPRO 2 x Kratos 99Wh V-Mount Li-Ion Batteries and Dual V-Mount Charger Kit for $450

Thule Backpack, FotoPro UFO2, Sachtler FlowTech, Etc (ends Sat pm)

The 3-Day All-Star Game that is the B&H mega deal zone is OVER, and now we are back to the B&H Photo daily deals. This being a Friday, they run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Thule EnRoute Camera Backpack (25L, Black) for $100
+ bag the backpack!

+ FotoPRO UFO2 Tripod Kit for $15~
+ yes, you can have your very own UFO!

+ Sachtler Flowtech 75 MS Carbon Fiber Tripod with Mid-Level Spreader and Rubber Feet for $1381
+ I want this for my $10 Vivitar 😉

+ MountIT Heavy-Duty Single Monitor Arm for Ultrawide Screens up to 49″ for $150

Why go out drinking on a Friday when you can just free-stream Creative LIVE ON AIR classes starting at 12pm ET? Today’s round includes vlogging, Illustrator CC, Screenwriting and Etsy among others.

Thursday: Day #3 of the B&H MEGA DEAL zone [LAST DAY]

Today is the last day of the B&H Photo MEGA deal ZONE running until Thursday at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out. we “lost” a few more items to sell-out, now we have 1493 available for purchasing.

Some different ways to browse all these offerings:

+ sorted by BEST SELLERS

+ sorted by Biggest Percentage DISCOUNT

+ sorted by LOWEST PRICE

MEANwhile starting on Thursday at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON AiR we have “speedlights in the studio” with Marc Wallace, Adobe InDesign, EQ (audio), and repeat sales.

Wednesday: Day #2 of B&H Mega Deal Zone

Day 2 of the B&H Photo MEGA DEAL zone is here and we “lost” nine items from yesterday, we now have 1506 participating. “Lost” as in they have sold-out an became un-orderable.

As a brief recap of yesterday’s post, here are some pre-filled views into the 1506 offerings:

+ sorted by BEST SELLERS

+ sorted by Biggest Percentage DISCOUNT

+ sorted by LOWEST PRICE

MEANwhile starting on Wednesday at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON AiR there’s a “using layers in photoshop” class along with a type design in photoshop, embroidery, becoming a better presenter (not a bitter presenter!) and such.

Tuesday: B&H Mega Deals Zone (1515 options)

Yes dear readers, we have an all-star game! The B&H Photo MEGA DEAL zone is back! This is like an all-star game of previous daily deals. As of the time of writing 1515 of previous daily deals are running, in progress and in parallel. You can buy as many as you like! If you missed any good deals previously on, this is your second chance!

These typically run in 24 hour increments, just like the daily deals. If I recall correctly these typically start at Tuesday early AM and run until Thursday at 11:59pm ET.

You can also sort the 1515 offerings in different ways, for example by BEST SELLERS where we see that Sandisk memory cards lead the way, there’s a $400 Lenovo 16″ laptop in the top 10, and the first camera-lens item is the Vello Auto Lens Adapter for Canon EF/EF-S lenses to Canon RF bodies for $43.

Another way to look at them is sorted by the Biggest Percentage DISCOUNT. The leader of this pack went from $30 down to $2. No, it’s not a cleaning cloth 🙂 It’s Sunpak Action Camera Accessory kit with head mount, suction cup mount and tripod mount. That’s 67c per accessory 😉

Another practical way of looking at them is sorted by LOWEST PRICE where we find a $2 Joby Action Grip, a 5pk of Vivitar lens cleaning kits for $5 (that’s $1 per kit), $5 is also the price of a 64GB Kingston USB-A 3.2 Gen 1 flash drive. Or $7 for the 128GB variant (on the same root listing).

I could go on for hours and hours but you get the feel for it. There are many different ways you can sort and filter the 1515 options of the MEGA DEAL zone. So much so, you have yourself a new hobby for the next three days at the office 😉

AND IF you tire of deal-hunting, how about some free e-learnings? Starting on Tuesday at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE ON AiR is a “crafts photography fundamentals” class and also a “quick home photo sessions” class.

Monday: Nanuk 923, Manfrotto BeFREE, DJI AvAtA PRO, Etc

And Bags and Tripods in this edition of the B&H Photo daily deals good until Monday 6/17/24 at 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ NaNuK 923 Hard Case with Foam (16.7L) for $110 in five color schemes, including “The Bee” 🙂

+ Manfrotto Befree Advanced Travel Aluminum Tripod with 494 Ball Head (Lever Locks, for $120 after in-cart coupon
+ three color schemes

+ DJi Avata Pro View Combo FPV Drone with DJI Goggles 2 for $798

+ ColBOR Moman Power 99 Lithium-Ion Battery for $99
+ that’s 99 for 99 Wh, making it $1 per Wh 🙂

+ Samsung Q Series HW-Q60C 340W 3.1-Channel Dolby Atmos Soundbar System for $200

+ SmallHD Vision 17″ 4K HDR Pro Monitor for $7000
+ SmallHD Vision 24″ 4K HDR Pro Monitor for $9899
+ kwaaaazy prices but if you need it, you need it 🙂

AND on the free-streaming e-learnings starting at 12pm ET on Monday at Creative LIVE ON$AIR we have Lightroom (from capture to edit, 9 hours, Jared Platt), we write personal essays, and talk about color for designers.

Sunday: Zeiss Bino, Delkin Gecko, Zhiyun Crane 2S, Pelican 1610, Alt BP-955, Etc

Good until Sunday night, 6/16/24 at 11:59pm ET, you can have these B&H Photo daily deal options:

+ Jupio BP-955 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (7.4V, 4900mAh) for $30
+ replacement for Canon battery with same name

+ open-box ZEISS 10×25 Terra TL Compact Binoculars (Night Blue/Black) for $200
+ Z-Ice Z-Ice Baby!

+ Delkin Fat Gecko Dual-Suction Camera Mount for $40
+ for the speed-readers, dual suction, not dual camera 🙂

+ Zhiyun CRANE 2S Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for $190

+ Pelican 1610 Case with Foam Set (Black) for $240

+ NiteCORE BR35 Rechargeable Bike Light for $90

Sunday is a quiet relaxing day, so they have a short class (74min) headlining the free-streaming action at 12pm ET at Creative LIVE On AIR: iPad Photoshop for Beginners with Jesus Ramirez.

FOR A limited time, coupon code DAD15 gets you $15 off orders of $100+ at the Monoprice website. As you can decode from the coupon code, this is part of the Father’s Day festivities. Yes, Darth Vader celebrates it too 😉

Friday: Birthday Woot-OFF

If you are a fan of the potential excitement that is a Woot-OFF, two of the sub-Woots, “Shirt” and the Sellout/Clearance sub-Woots are having a Woot-OFF for Friday June 14 in 2024. Done in the customary fashion of modern Woot-OFFs.

128GB Flash Stick for $7, PortaBrace Tripod Bag, SmallRig Cage for i15 PRO(ends Sat pm)

As usual, the Friday B&H daily deals run until Saturday at 11:59pm ET:

+ 128GB Kingston DataTraveler Exodia Onyx Thumb Drive for $7
+ USB-A 3.2 Gen 1
+ Moving Protective Cap, Integrated Key Loop

+ PortaBRAcE TLQB-46XTOR Quick Tripod/Light Case with Wheels (Black) for $349~
+ yes, a daily deal that combines the two daily-deal-darlings: bags and tripods 🙂

+ SmallRiG Mobile Video Cage Kit with Single Handle for iPhone 15 Pro for $65

+ GaBoR TTM-50 Universal Swivel Tabletop Stand for 37 to 70″ TVs for $35

Thursday: MacBookAir M3, Ring, Woot Mystery Boxes (1pm CT)

Thursday is here and the B&H dailies are the same quartet they had on Tuesday. B&H will reopen on Friday, previously placed orders will begin shipping then, and a new set of daily deals will appear!

1pm CENTRAL = Woot Mystery Boxes
If you enjoy the mystery, the excitement and the …eventual disappointment of MYSTERY BOXES, the Woot website is sale-brating their 20th birthday (they still can’t drink but they write as if they are drunk LOL) with a Mystery Box sale at exactly 1pm central time. The process is explained in the Woot forums.

The items in the box are random, but some of the boxes may contain the Canon D-Rebel T7, iPad (10th generation), PS5 Slim, Acer Chromebook, etc). That’s the mystery of the mystery box 🙂

The sale will happen in a reverse auction style, the price going down until they sell out or the offer ends. I haven’t done these before, so I have no clue what to expect from them. DIY and YMMV 🙂

We forgot about the Amazon Gold Box, lettuce take a look at it. We can see some MacBook Air M3s (plural), Ring doorbells, walking pads (all the rage these days), and various Amazon-branded products.

Street photography is the headliner starting at 12pm ET on Thursday free-streaming at Creative LiVE ON AiRrR with Chase Jarvis and Steve Sweatpants (aka Irby).

Wednesday: refurb MacBooks, Amazon Devices, Etc

Wednesday is here and the B&H Photo daily deals are the same as yesterday (ends Thursday night) headlined by the Sigma 12-24mm f4 DG HSM ART.

The headliner offer at the Woot website is a 20% off sale on select Amazon hardware devices. The discount is applied automatically when you add the participating products in the shopping cart. Promotion ends 6/14/24 or earlier for those that sell out.

Speaking of Woot, they are running a sale on older Macbooks until 6/17/24. Prices start at $170. These are refurbished, some are also “scratch and dent” (S&D). Yes $170 for a 2015 refurbished S&D 13″ MacBook Air 🙂

Ben Willmore is back with a Photoshop automation class, headlining the group of free-streaming classes starting at 12pm ET on Wednesday at Creative LIVE ON AIRZzZ.

Checking up on Adorama we find them still in Top Deals mode with the trending deals at the bottom.

Sigma 12-24/4 DG HSM Art for $749 [C], Revo Stabilizer, Combo Card Reader, Etc (ends Thur pm)

Good until Thursday 6/13/24 (wow, 1/3rd of June is already gone!) at 11:59pm ET you can have the following B&H Photo daily deals:

+ Sigma 12-24mm f/4 DG HSM Art for $749 in Canon EF
+ no other versions available

+ ReVO ST-1000 Pro Video Stabilizer for $30

+ Xcellon CFexpress Type A and UHS-II SD Card Reader for $40
+ or with Type B instead of A and UHS-II SD for $40

+ TP WebCamArm 2 Camera Arm (20.9″) for $17

+ not a typo, these particular deals run for 72 hours because B&H is closed for a couple of days for holiday

MEANwhile the MEH website is having a MEH-rathon for Tuesday 6/11/24 with a theme of 2-packs of things on offer