15 classes for $15 each [includes Art Wolfe, Photoshop, Etc]

A pretty good set of classes is participating in this limited time 15 classes for $15 each sale at CreativeLIVE including:

+ Art of Nature Photography with Art Wolfe
+ Photoshop for Photographers with Ben Willmore
+ Photography Starter Kit with John Greengo
+ Posing, Retouching, Drone Photography, Experimental portraits

Meanwhile the headliner of the free-streaming Creative LIVE classes streaming until 11:45am ET on Thursday is a 15-hour class on Portrait Photography with John Keatley…

Starts Sun 12pm ET (FREE to Stream): “From Capture to Print” (8.5 hour class)

We forgot about Dre printing photographs, that’s how the “From Capture to Print” class begins and the class attempts to make it easier and better for photographers to print, and this 8.5 hour class is FREE to stream for 24 hours starting on Sunday 5/3/20 at 12pm eastern at Creative LIVE ON-AIR.

+ starts 12pm ET Sunday (full)
+ starts 8:34pm ET Sunday (full)
+ starts 5:08am ET Monday (partial)
+ streaming window closes 11:50am ET Monday (and every streaming day)

Five of the 34 chapters are available to stream for FREE at any time, so you can use those to get a feel for the class…

FREE to Stream (starts Fri 12pm ET): 24-hour “Fundamentals of Photography” CL class

If you have nothing scheduled for the next 24 hours or so, the headliner of the Friday Creative LIVE ON-AIR classes is a 24+ hour long “Fundamentals of Photography” class with John Greengo, the guy who makes their “Fast Start” camera-guide classes. This is not just a photography-101, it covers beginners to advanced topics.

Greegon’s teaching style is even-keeled and matter-of-fact, I’ve watched four of the always-streaming teaser-chapters for this class. This starts on Friday at 12pm eastern and ends on Saturday at 11:45am ET. Since this class is just over 24 hours long, it will not repeat. It will not even finish πŸ™‚

But wait, there’s more. On Saturday at 12pm ET there’s a 7.5 hour long “Photography 101” class free-streaming at CL, and this one is by SLR Lounge, a more beginner course as the name suggests, and a more stylized approach. Since it’s under 8 hours, it will repeat three times during the 24 hour window…

19 Classes for $19 each [use $10 off coupon to drop one class down to $9]

For a limited time, CreativeLIVE is offering 19 classes for $19 each. To see the $19 price, you have to visit the individual class page. The listing shows higher prices. And better yet, also for a limited time, coupon code APRIL10 drops the price by $10. So you can get one of these classes for $9!

Topics include newborns, music photography, foundations, food, family, fashion, pets, Photoshop Elements, SEO with Lawrence Chan, weddings, and more…

NOTE that both the sale and the coupon are limited time offers…

FREE Streaming: Color Theory for Photography

Two photography-related and relatively short classes are among those streaming for FREE on Thursday 4/30/20 at the CreativeLIVE ON-AiR. The free-streaming window is from 12pm eastern until 11:45am ET of the next day.

Of photographer interest is an 81-minute class on Color Theory for Photographers and a 2.5 hour class on various file formats. Since these are short classes, they will repeat multiple times during the 24 hour window. Since you can’t watch these Netflix-style (meaning you can start/stop and jump around the video), you have to calculate the various start times if you want to watch from the start.

So for the 81 minute class, the time math is like this:

+ first airing 12pm ET
+ second airing 1:21pm ET
+ third airing 2:42pm ET
+ fourth airing 4:03pm ET
+ and so forth

FREE to Stream NOW: Understanding Light (15 hours)

Good until Tuesday at 11:45am ET, you can stream for FREE the 15-hour class “Understanding Light” with Mark Wallace. The first airing of the class ends at 3am ET on Tuesday. That’s when the second airing of the class begins and it will terminate at 11:45am ET on Tuesday because that’s when the 24-hour free-streaming window closes…

UPDATE: speaking of CreativeLIVE, they have a sale on Videography classes with prices ranging from $19 to $29…

Save the Dates (FREE to Stream): Solid Classes Coming Up (Outdoor, Light, Color, First Flash, Fundamentals)

There are solid classes coming up in the next few days at the CreativeLIVE ON-AIR free-to-stream for 24 hours as follows:

+ starts Saturday 12pm ET: “Outdoor Photography Experience” with Chris Burkard (11 hours)
+ next rerun air time: 11pm ET

+ starts Monday 12pm ET: “Understanding Light” with Mark Wallace (15 hours)
+ next rerun air time: 3am ET on Tuesday

+ starts Tuesday 12pm ET: “How to shoot with your first flash” with Mike Hagen (5hr 10 min)
+ next rerun air times: 5:10pm, 10:20pm, 3:30am, 8:40am: 1:50pm ET

+ starts Tuesday 12pm ET: “Color for Designers” with Richard Mehl (8hr 14 min)
+ next rerun air times: 8:14pm ET, 4:28am ET

+ starts Friday 12pm ET: “Fundamentals of Photography with John Greengo (24 hrs 30 min)
+ no reruns because the class is longer than 24 hours πŸ™‚

+ NOTE: the last of the class re-run airings are almost always going to be INCOMPLETE because CreativeLIVE cuts off the streaming at 11:45am ET each day ~ because a new set of classes starts free-streaming at 12pm ET daily

Meanwhile for a limited time, coupon code APRIL10 gets you $10 off Creative LIVE purchases. Restrictions may apply…

Top 20 Classes for $20 each at C-LIVE [FREE to Watch: Art Wolfe Nature Photography until Sat 11:45am ET]

For a limited time only, CreativeLIVE is having a Top 20 Classes sale where each class goes for $20. The options include “Adobe Camera RAW” (15~ hours), “LR Classic CC for Beginners” (10 hours), a couple of lighting classes, portraiture, weddings, business, etc…

Meanwhile the headliner of the current FREE to STREAM classes is Art Wolfe’s “The Art of Nature Photography”. The class is 5 hours and 33 hours long and will repeat until Saturday at 11:45am ET.

If you want to watch it from the beginning, the approximate start times are:
+ Friday 12pm ET
+ Friday 5:33pm ET
+ Friday 11:06pm ET
+ Saturday 4:39am ET
+ Saturday 10:12am ET
+ stream cuts off on Saturday at 11:45am ET

NOTE the above are my calculations, the exact time may be a few minutes off…

PS: for fans of wordplays, note the subtle insertion of Art’s name in the class name πŸ™‚

16 Bundles for $49 each [Creative LIVE]

If you want to scoop up multiple classes on the same topic with a bundle discount, for a limited time, CreativeLIVE is running a 16 bundles for $49 each sale. The bundles include Outdoor Photography (five classes, including Art Wolfe’s), Adobe Bootcamp (LR, CC, Premiere), Lighting (five classes), Food photography (five classes), Compositing (six classes), headshots (six classes), DIY photography and lighting (six classes), Night Photography (five classes) and more…

But that’s not all. There are also instructor-centric bundles. The Ben Willmore bundle (26 classes, yes twenty six classes), Sue Bryce (16 classes), Brooke Shaden (seven classes) and more…

FREE to Stream: Vincent Laforet’s HD-DSLR Stills to Video class [ends Wedn 11:45am ET]

Good until Wednesday at 11:45am eastern, CreativeLIVE is live-streaming for FREE vincent Laforet’s “HD-DSLR: From Stills to Video” class with a runtime of 17 and a half hours. This means the class will air once in full, and once partially. The second airing will begin around 5:30am eastern on Wednesday but will not complete because the ON-AIR Schedule (the free to stream classes) changes the free-streaming rotation at 12pm eastern daily…

Select Outdoor Photography Classes for $14 to $29 each

Spring is in the air, and outdoor photography is calling [quarantine aside]. To sale-a-brate spring, Creative LIVE is running an Outdoor Photography sale with select classes offered for $14 to $29 each. IF you see a higher price, go to the individual class page where it may automatically drop to the sale price.

The sale includes the “Photographing America’s National Parks” class (16.5 hours) with Ian Shive for $14.

And as fate would have it, starting at 12pm eastern today, Monday 4/20/20, is the FREE-to-STREAM “The Art Of Photographing Birds” class with Frans Lanting. The class is 5 hours and seven minutes long and will repeat for about 24 hours, until about 11:45am ET on Tuesday.

PRO TIP: because the classes repeat immediately during the 24 hour cycle, barring any technical issues and such, you can easily calculate the next start times. For example:
+ 12pm ET starts, 5:07pm ET ends Monday
+ next viewing ends 10:14pm ET Monday
+ next viewing ends 3:21am ET Tue
+ next viewing ends 8:28am ET Tue
+ last partial viewing, ends 11:45am ET Tue

So let’s say you catch the first two hours when it begins at 12pm ET, and then you are busy. You can do the math above, add 2 hours to the number, and that’s when you can continue watching it. If you’ve programmed a VCR before, you have been preparing all your life for this task πŸ™‚

25 Classes for $25 each at C-LIVE

Time for some more learnings and re-learnings, for a limited time, Creative LIVE is offering 25 classes for $25 each including bird and animal photography, crappy light, cinematic light, understanding light, portraiture, posing, boudoir, workflow, etc…

NOTE: the prices automatically drop to $25 when you visit the individual class product page…

Starts Sun 12pm ET (FREE to Stream): 14hr “Final Cut X PRO”

The headliner of the Sunday 4/12/20 FREE-to-Stream classes starting at 12pm eastern (9am pacific time) at CreaitveLIVE ON-AIR is a 15-hour class on Final Cut X PRO with Vanessa Joy and Rob Adams…

In the meantime, the Saturday headliner good until 12pm ET on Sunday is a near 4.5 hour class on Setting Up a home photography studio by John CorniCello…

$15 off orders of $20+ at CreativeLIVE with Inconvenience Coupon

While CreativeLIVE is down for maintenance, they have left up and running 17 FREE-Streaming Classes

But that’s not all; to make up for the inconvenience, they are offering coupon code HUG-AN-ENGINEER that gets you $15 off orders of $20+, running until Sunday night [it doesn’t specify day, it says “end of day tomorrow”, so if this was posted at 11pm pacific, it should mean Sunday 11:59pm pacific; but that’s just my guess…

This is a very good way to handle a planned outage. You offer the customers some alternatives to watch AND you give them a discount on future purchases!

PS: the various Bootcamp classes are on sale for $29, so this coupon should drop them to $14 [I haven’t tried it]

Top Bootcamp Classes for $29 each: LR, Pho, Portrait, Weddings, Business, Boudoir, Newborn, Etc

IF you are looking for longer and more in-depth classes at a good price, CreativeLIVE is running a Top Bootcamp Classes sale for $29 each covering some of the major topics in photography including:

  • “Fine Art Photography: Complete Guide” (26 hours)
  • “28 Days of Portrait Photography” (58 hours)
  • “Lightroom Classic CC” (24 hours)
  • “Photoshop CC Bootcamp” (22 hours)
  • “Wedding Photography Bootcamp” (22 hours)
  • “Master the Business of Photography” (28 hours)
  • “30 Days of Wedding Photography” (39 hours)
  • “Boudoir bootcamp” (16 hours)
  • “Newborn Photography” (22 hours)
  • “Studio Systems Photography Business Bootcamp” (30 hours)
  • “Complete Wedding Photography Experience” (30 hours)

But that’s not all. Many other classes are included including Final Cut X PRO, prints, lighting, Premiere Pro CC, more portraits, weddings and photoshop, along with more general business/creative classes…

NOTE that every class has one or more chapters streaming for FREE, so you can get a general feel of the instructor(s) and the level and style of the teaching…

NOTE that CreativeLIVE is having a 3-hour maintenance between 11pm to 2am pacific time on Saturday, which translates to 2am to 5am eastern time on Sunday 4/12/20…

Starts Thur 12pm ET (FREE to Stream): “Food Photography” class (Available Light, Real Food only, 14 hours long)

If you are interested in food photography, real photography, not smartphone-food-bloggies, and available light photography at that, using real food, not props and such, using manual exposure for everything, starting on Thursday 4/9/20 at 12pm eastern at the Creative LIVE ON-AIR they will be streaming the “Food Photography” with photographer Penny De Los Santos.

If you can’t wait to get started, Lesson #4 is streaming for FREE all the time as part of the class’s promotional material. Lesson #4 is 43 minutes long and it is titled “Principles of Food Photography” and it will give you a very good idea whether you would be interested in watching the class in full…

NOTE: this is a 14-hour class, so it will only air once in full during the 24-hour streaming window. Its second airing will begin around 2am ET but there’s only 10 hours until the next rotation, so the second airing will be incomplete. If you like it well enough, it is on sale for $39.

PS: the photographer, Penny de los Santos has already co-authored a number of published print cookbooks

UPDATE: another solid class will be offered on Thursday starting at 12pm ET, if you are interested in music mastering, there is a nine hour DIY Mastering class with Jesse Cannon [not Nikkon] πŸ˜‰

60% off site-wide at CreativeLIVE (and $10 off coupon too) [Camera Guide Classes for $11 each]

CreativeLIVE is back with another 60% off site-wide sale on most classes offered on their website. A few are excluded from discounting and couponing per prior contractual agreements. The price you see is the price you pay while this limited time promotion is running…

The sale includes the Camera Guide Classes, which C-LIVE calls “Fast Starts” and the majority of them are $11 each by John Greengo. They cover most of the intermediate and advanced/pro cameras, along with select entry-point cameras from most manufacturers.

The sale also includes more gear-y classes on lens systems and autofocusing (eg for Nikon). Most of the lens-y classes are $19 each, except for Olympus which is $11.

Speaking of couponing, for a limited time, you can use coupon APRIL10 for $10 off a class purchase. Not sure if there’s a minimum purchase amount required for the coupon. Their shopping cart is the ultimate decider. You need an account to test the couponing…

If you prefer to pay $0.00, the Wednesday round of “Free to Stream” classes at CreativeLIVE are headlined by Todd Owyoung’s “Getting Started In Music Photography” (4 hours long, he’s using the Nikon Z system he says). There’s a class on creating a creative’s Etsy store, a writing class, and more… [check our earlier post for a TL;DR schedule].

FREE (and Upcoming) DXoMark webinars

Dxo is also in the free streaming classes and seminars game and they already have seven previously recorded seminars, a mix of DXo software and general imaging. They also have Upcoming Webinars, the next one going live on Thursday at 1pm eastern, “How to reveal details in shadows and …”.

More seminars are coming in April 2020, including “hyper real landscapes”, “Nik Collection 2.5”, “enhance color and drama with VIVEZA” (not to be confused with a vuvuzela)…

OR if you prefer a different user interface, you can find them on their YouTube Channel

FREE to watch: Nikon School Online classes

Nikon has joined the parade of “free to stream” with a handful of classes and tutorials at the Nikon Online School. The options are a mix of Nikon gear (SB-5000 Speedlight, Z50 video content, DSLR getting started) and Photography (Fundamentals and Beyond Fundamentals, Children and Pets, Macro, Landscape, Making Music Videos).

Duration is manageable for today’s context-switching generation, classes range from 15 to 69 minutes each…

NOTE: you have to sign in to watch. Otherwise Nikon’s marketing department would run to the server room and pull the plug on the computers πŸ˜‰

Starts Mon 3pm ET (FREE stream): AlphaUniverse with Colby Brown on Photography Websites

Streaming action, free to watch of course, Alpha Universe will be live-streaming starting at 12pm pacific (3pm eastern) on Monday 4/6/20 with Colby Brown on photography websites. The official title of the live stream is “The Anatomy of a Great Photography Website”

Me on the other hand, I will be offering a parallel tutorial, “The Postmortem of a So-So Photography Website” πŸ˜‰

Photoshop and Lightroom Classes from $9 to $29 at CL

If you are looking for classes on different aspects of Photoshop and Lightroom, CreativeLIVE is running a Photoshop & LR Tutorials sale with classes ranging from $9 to $29, from many photo-teachers such as Lidnsay Adler, Matt K, Ben Willmore, Lisa Carney, and more…

20 classes for $20 each at C-LIVE

CreativeLIVE is back with another limited time promotion, 20 classes for $20 each. Subject matter includes portraiture, lighting, glamo(u)r, composite, video, fashion, macro, travel (well, not now), long exposure, landscape and making a DIY studio (a good idea if you have the time and energy and material and the downtime)..,

Speaking of CreativeLIVE, earlier on we posted the list of upcoming FREE to Stream classes at their ON-AIR schedule page…

FREE classes to stream at CL in the next few days

The weekend is coming, and time for some great indoors adventures for those working Monday to Friday. So how about some free classes streaming? That’s right, it’s the Creative LIVE ON-AIR schedule for the next few days, starting with Friday 4/3/20, with classes starting streaming at 9am pacific and continuing for 24 hours…

Of potential interest (not a comprehensive list):

  • Friday: “The Business of Photography”, “Social Media for Food Photography”, “Power your podcast with storytelling”
  • Saturday: “How to write and publish an ebook”, “Concertina Collage books”, “how to improve your SEO”
  • Sunday: “high volume senior photography business”, Illustrator CC, “fulfilled your creative purpose”
  • Monday: “Experimental Portraiture”, Personal Branding, Etsy 101
  • Tuesday: Mobile photography, branding
  • Wedn: “Music Photography” with Todd Owyoung, Adobe InDesign, “Write a Story”
  • Thursday: “Food photography”
  • Friday: Family Photography, LinkedIn
  • Saturday: home studio, languages
  • Sunday: Final Cut Pro X, online store, design

19 classes for $19 per class at CreativeLIVE includes Lens Classes (Canon or Nikon $19 each)

Creative LIVE is back with their “19 Square” deal, 19 classes for $19 each for a limited time only! A variety of subject matter is included, such as food photography, Lightroom Classic CC workflow, newborns, videography, Lightroom for Scrapbooking and more!

But wait, we are not done yet! For gear-heads and gear-interested photographers, they have three lensaholic classes as part of the sale for $19 each as follows, taught by resident gearhead John GreengoL

UPDATE: meanwhile, good until April 1st in 2020 at 11:59pm, Tor Books (books publisher) is offering for FREE the 300+ page scifi ebook “The Collapsing Empire” (Book #1 of a Trilogy) by John Scalzi. The trilogy concludes on April 14 when the third book is published, so you are guaranteed to get an ending to the story ~ something fans of “A Song of Ice and Fire” and “Kvothe” cannot πŸ™‚

Sun (starts 12pm ET): FREE to Stream: Photoshop Layer Tips, Color Fundamentals, Etc

An interest set of free-to-stream classes are scheduled, starting at 9am pacific time, for Sunday 3/29/20 at Creative LIVE ON-AIR. These continue repeating (depending on the length of the class obviously) for 24 hours…

OF potential interesT:

  • advanced Photoshop layer tips (under 2 hours)
  • color fundamentals (under 3 hours) {UPDATE: this is geared towards art/coloring/painting, not photography}
  • sound design 101 (under 3 hours)
  • screen printing

Given today’s durations, you can easily watch multiple classes even if you don’t have the whole 24 hour day available πŸ™‚

PRO TIP: some classes have the first couple of lessons in a class available to stream for free at any time as a “class teaser/trailer”, so if there’s more than one class of interest, you can watch their intro chapters to see which one sounds more appetizing/interesting…

PWYW Photography $1+, KeepSolid VPN for $39, Etc

If you are looking for a new or another VPN, Stacksocial is currently offering KeepSolid VPN for $39 with a lifetime subscription. You can use up to five devices at the same time. You can only have five activated devices but you can add/remove one per week if needed… If you need more, the 10-devices plan goes for $59… It has around 5-stars based on 1000+ ratings…

Elsewhere on the site they have the Canon DSLR Photography A-Z Course for $11 (41 lessons, 3 hours)…

This is a general search for “camera” which brings up a mix of hardware and courses…

Speaking of Stacksocial, if you want to explore different topics without committing too much on them, they have a variety of Pay What You Want offers starting at $1. At $1+, you get some of the items listed there. If you meet or beat the average price, you get all of them. A total of 55 “Pay What You Want” (PWYW) offers are available. Of photography interest:

+ Complete Photography Bundle: $1+ gets you “DIY Food Photography” and “Advanced Creative Pho Skills” (Pho as in Photography, not Pho as in Food Pho), while $17~ gets you another seven classes…

+ note that the other PWYW Photography listing is “Assets”. You only get pictures for website/commercial use per the license. You don’t get photography lessons

+ Adobe Creative Cloud A to Z: $1+ gets you After Effects, $18~ gets you 11 more

+ other semi-related topics include design, coding/hacking, gaming, wordpress, music, etc

Photoshop Retouching Certification Bundle for $25

Stacksocial too is on the photo-education bandwagon, they are currently offering their Professional Photoshop Retouching Certification Bundle for $25. A total of 8 courses are included consisting of 218 hours in about 19 hours of instruction time…

If you have any Stacksocial gift cards, store credits, coupons, etc, be sure to use them if they don’t appear automatically in your shopping cart…

Top 40 Classes from $14 to $29 each at CL

Back to the e-Learnings, CreativeLIVE has brought back their Top 40 Classes sale, with each one going for $29 or less. It includes fundamentals/bootcamp style classes for Photography in general, Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC, Fine Art Photography, Posing, Lighting, and so much more. The price range of classes is $14 to $29

Some Lighting Classes for $29 each at CL

Light is very important to photography (you have to be a 7th level Master Guru of Photography for this little nugget of wisdom!) and as such, classes about lighting are also important and CreativeLIVE is having a sale on select Lighting classes for $29 each, including JoeMcNally, Lindsay Adlair (“studio lighting 101”), Marc Wallace (“Speedlights 101”) and more…

Separately, coupon code MARCH10 takes $10 off a class purchase until 3/30/20. I do not know if this can be used on already-on-sale classes. As always, their shopping cart is the ultimate decider…

Monday (Free to Watch starting at 12pm ET): Pets and People Photography

The Monday 3/23/30 rotation of free-to-stream classes starting at 12pm eastern time at CreativeLIVE On-AIR is headlined by the “Pets and People Photography” class by Vicki Tauper, 42 lessons running 13.5 hours. Given the #CoronaSituation2020, CL is mixing in a variety of other interest in their daily freebies, and today we have making your own tote bag (can also be useful for DIY promotional material for your home studio/photography freelancing), songwriting, watercolors and ganache (or is it gouache) paints and “What Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast” (spoiler alert: most of them have rich parents πŸ˜‰

Looking at the new schedule here are some other potentially interesting classes coming this week:

  • Tuesday: Animal Photography
  • Wednesday: Business of Fashion Photography, Build a successful blog, become a working artist, songwriting class
  • Thursday: Typography fundamentals, turn personal projects into a career
  • Friday: Wedding Photojournalism, Color for designers
  • Saturday: commercial fashion photography, color techniques for drawing, story telling techniques
  • Sunday: advanced Photoshop layer tips, color fundamentals, sound design 101, screen printing
  • Monday 3/30: Pricing, Pitching Clients
  • Tuesday 3/31: Start-n-Grow your Photography business, Illustrator CC, Art Journaling, Command the Fees you Deserve

Sunday (Free to Watch at 12pm ET): The Art of Wildlife Photography

The headliner of the free-to-watch online streaming classes at Creative LIVE On-AIR on Sunday 3/22/20 is the “The Art of Wildlife Photography” class by Tom Mangelsen. It has 24 lessons and runs for 10.5 hours.

The classes stream for 24 hours, so you can watch whenever it is convenient. Of course some may find it more helpful if they watch a class from start to end. Every day the new classes start at 9am pacific time. In the meantime, the classes from the previous day continue to stream. So in a way, if you wake up early or are in the eastern time zone, you can watch yesterday’s and today’s classes in marathon binge πŸ™‚

FREE to Watch: Wellness and Health Classes from C-LIVE

To help us all cope with the current Corona-Not-The-Beer situation, CreativeLIVE has put together a dozen Health and Wellness classes that are free to stream 24 hours a day throughout the Corona Crisis 2020. Six are wellness (stress, happiness, meditation, etc), six are health related (yoga, etc).

Continuing as usual are the free to watch ON-AIR schedule classes at CreativeLive, with all kinds of subjects, an opportunity to pick up a new hobby or rekindle an old one (crafts, music, design, arts, etc) in addition to photography and such…

And on the FREEbies front, good until 3/20/20 at 11:59pm ET, giving them your email can get you the full-size scifi ebook “RedShirts” by John Scalzi (not a sampler, you get all 300-some pages of it {yes, RedShirts, that’s the Star Trek term}) from the Torbooks website. This is without DRM, and you can download in ePUB (for many devices and apps) and/or .mobi (for Amazon devices). If you are of the ePUB persuasion, since it is DRM-free, you don’t have to use Adobe’s vile ebook DRM abomination πŸ™‚

Corona DownTime Idea: Watch the FREE CreativeLIVE ON-AIR classes

If the Corona-Virus kerfuffle has given you new unexpected downtime, one way to productively spend it (instead of watching the never-ending screeching drama of the national and local news) is to learn and read! Time to learn or rekindle a music instrument, make progress on your book shelf or digital bookshelf, or learn new skills. Or you can watch the various free-to-watch CreativeLIVE ON-AIR classes.

Each day has a list of about half a dozen classes you can watch for free during the 24 hour calendar day window. You can watch any and all, these repeat over and over during the 24 hour window. Better yet, there’s a schedule of the upcoming classes, so you can plan ahead if you see topics of interest. About half of them are photography-n-video related, the rest are general creative classes (business, marketing, etc), along with other creative endeavors (music, arts and crafts, etc)…

For example, the schedule below is for Wednesday 3/18/20…

CreativeLIVE Annual Pass for $149 (includes recently launched “Fast Classes”)

If you prefer Netflix-style learnings instead of digital-ownership of individual classes, CreativeLIVE is currently offering the first year of their 1-Year Creator Pass for $149. No coupon needed. The price you see is the price you pay. These includes almost all of the current and future classes in their system. The exceptions are classes that are excluded by contractual agreement with select instructors…

OR if you only need to watch a small number of classes in a short period of time (eg CoronaVirus downtime) they offer a monthly subscription as well, but if you need more than a couple of months, then the annual pass wins on bang for the educational buck…

A “Fast Class” is a video class TL;DR. It is a highlight reel of some of their existing classes so you can and learn in bite-size fashion. For example, a 10-hour class becomes a 1-hour summary video. This is a relatively new feature with more of them getting added. This is the list of current Fast Class classes. These cannot be purchased individually, you can only watch them if you have the Creator Pass (Netflix-style subscription). You can always purchase the full version of the class, so you are not missing any new content ~ you are just not getting the condensed milk version of the class πŸ™‚

12 Classes for $12 each at C-LIVE

And after buying all that gear, now time for some learnings! Good for a limited time only, CreativeLIVE is offering 12 classes for $12 each with topics including posing, beginners, Lightroom Classic CC, Astro-Landscape, podcasting, video, food photography, videos, and more…

$99 Bundles at CL: Photoshop Week 2019 or Photo Week 2018

If you prefer to digitally-own your photo-classes instead of Netflix-style subscriptions, you can load up on classes during the Creative Live $99 bundles sale. Two $99 bundles are offered…

The first one is “Photoshop Week 2019”, the classes that were part of last year’s PW, a total of 18 classes included… The second one is “Photo Week 2018” with a total of 22 classes included covering a variety of topics…

60% off near sitewide at CreativeLIVE with many Camera Fast Start Guides at $11 each

CreativeLIVE is back with another limited time promotion, this one is a 60% off near-sitewide sale but that’s not all. It is also stackable with limited time $10 off coupon code SPRING10. The 60% off sale is automatically factored in the prices you see on their website. The coupon code must needs be entered manually by your hands or your digital voice assistant πŸ™‚

If you are a gearhead, this is a good opportunity to pick up their Camera Fast Start classes with John Greengo. Many of them currently go for $11 each and cover most of the pro and mid-range caliber cameras along with some popular entry-point cameras. Also covered are other technical classes like Using the Nikon AutoFocus system for $19 with Mike Hagen.

And for lens-a-holics, they have a trio of Lenses Complete Guide, Olympus going for $11, while Canon and Nikon [they have more lenses after all] go for $19 each… These too by John GreenGo…

PS: “near site-wide” because some classes are excluded because of prior agreements and such…

Portraiture Classes for $29 each at CL

For a limited time, portraiture classes are on sale for $29 each at Creative Live. The price you see is the price you pay. While this promotion is running, you will see the $29 price on eligible prices. When the promotion expires, the prices may/will change…

CL: Top 50 Classes from $12 to $29 each

CreativeLIVE is celebrating “leap year” too with a Top 50 Classes Under $30 sale, with prices ranging from $12 to $29. Classes include Fundamentals, Wedding, Portraiture, Newborns/Babies, Glamour, Photoshop/Lightroom/etc, “Understanding Light” (with Mark Wallace), Flowers, Nature, Landscape, Speedlights and Flashes, posing, family, astro, and lots mo(i)re…

PS: no, there’s no class dedicated to mo(i)re πŸ˜‰

19 classes for $19 each [CreativeLIVE]

If you prefer to digitally-own photography classes instead of signing up for subscriptions, CreativeLIVE is back with another sale, the theme this time around is 19 classes for $19 each and topics include food photography, motherhood, animal, portraits, compositing, commercial, flowers, nature, docs, and lots more. No coupon is needed, the $19 price is shown on the website while this promotion is running. When the sale ends, the prices will likely change…

23 Classes for $18 each at C-LIVE

CreativeLIVE is back with another featured sale, this time it is 23 classes for $18 each with a variety of topics including Lightroom and Photoshop CC, Portraiture, Landscapes, Weddings, Motion, Food, business/selling, color fundamentals, and more…

$10 off CreativeLIVE coupon and 60% sale on most classes

For a limited time, coupon code VIP10 gets you $10 off your purchase at the CreativeLIVE website where they are also running a near sitewide 60% off sale. The sale price is reflected. The $10 off coupon must needs be entered in the shopping cart.

PS: a few classes are not eligible per previous agreements with the instructors.

Most Classes for $29 at Creative LIVE [limited time]

IF you have been interested in some of the more expensive classes offered at Creative LIVE, you are in luck! For a limited time, they are offering almost all of their classes for $29 (or less). No coupon is needed. The price you see is the price you pay. When the promotion ends, the prices you see on their website will increase. The sale includes their various Bootcamp classes… Happy learnings πŸ™‚

Up to 70% off on new classes at Creative LIVE (includes E-M1X, EOS R, Z6/Z7, X-T3)

On the learnings side of things, CreativeLIVE is having a sale of up to 70% off on new classes added there. Topics include Bird photography, docs, iPhone filmmaking, Lightroom CC Workflow, landscape, astro, Olympus E-M1X fast start and Olympus lenses, macro, LR, masking, HDR, retouching, Nikon Z and Canon EOS R and Fuji X-T3 fast starts, and lots more!

20 Classes for $12 (Canon 5D IV) to $20 at C-LIVE

It’s another limited time sale at Creative LIVE, this time around twenty classes are offered between $12 to $20 each. This is digital ownership. Or if you prefer Netflix-style, their Annual Subscription/Pass has frequent promotions for $150 per year…

The $12 classes include (among others) HD-DSLR film-making, Lightroom CC for beginners, Composition, and the Canon 5D Mark IV Fast Start class with John Greengo (25 lessons with 6 hour runtime).

The $20 tier includes Portraiture, Weddings, finding your niche, making a short doc, and more…

Advanced Photography Classes for $12 to $14 [CLIVE]

Tired of seeing “beginner” or “photography 101” type of sales? Well you are in luck because Creative LIVE is now running a limited time promotion on Advanced Photography classes ranging from $12 to $14 each.

Topics include LR workflow, FauxtoChop techniques, real world lighting, advanced portrait retouching, advanced lighting for adventure photography, advanced photo restoration, Capture One, color correction, advanced RAW processing, advanced masks and many and more…

CreativeLIVE Flash Sale, $12 to $29 [15 options]

Creative LIVE is back with another limited time flash sale, this time around 15 classes are offered with prices ranging from $12 to $29. The $19 tier includes a class on Lighting by Peter Hurley, Photoshop beyond the basics, Professional headshots, and such. The $29 tier includes wildlife photography, fine-art portraits and/or compositing [but not composting], commercial photography, and such. The $12 tier is headlined by Ian Shive’s Photographing the National Parks…

CL’s Bootcamp sale ($19 to $29, select options)

CreativeLIVE has brought back their Bootcamp sale with class-bootcamps ranging in price from $19 (Best of Lighting, Beginner’s Pho Crash Course, Portrait Startup) to $29 (various Wedding Photography classes, Photochop, Portraiture, Business Pho, Newborn, Lightroom CC Classic, Fine Art, boudoir, outdoor, business-of, etc)…

This is a limited time offer. No coupon needed. The price you see is the price you pay while this promotion is running…

C-LIVE: 12 classes for $12 each [also: 60% off one class]

Creative LIVE is back with two current promotions. First up, they have a limited time 12 classes for $12 each promotion and the subject matter includes “Mastering TTL Flash”, Adobe CC, Table-Top product photography [tablet-top product photography is a totally different thing!], wedding photo-journalism, Lightroom Classic CC Workflow, `Nature Photography (with Art Wolfe) and more (including meta-classes about creatives)…

Next up, limited time coupon code DREAMBIG gets you 60% off a single class of your choice from the CreativeLIVE Class Catalog. Note that a small number of classes may be excluded from couponing due to prior agreements…

Both are limited time offers; I do not know when exactly they expire…

20 Classes for $12 to $20 at C-LIVE

Creative LIVE is back with another sale, this one is a 20 classes for under $20, more specifically, some classes go for $12 (Luminosity Masking, etc) to $14 (Lightroom CC Classic, Guerilla film making, pricing for photographers, etc) and some are $20 (Wedding Photography bootcamp, etc)