Canon PIXMA PRO 100 Printer with 50pk SG-201 paper for $60 after $250 MIR (prepaid AMEX Gift Card)

Down goes Frazier! In this case, the after-rebate price is now $60 instead of $80!

If you are not afraid of mail-in rebates and prepaid AMEX gift cards, for a limited time, B&H Photo is offering the new condition Canon PIXMA PRO 100 Printer with the 50pk Canon SG-201 13×19 inch photo paper for $60 after a $250 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card). This is a limited time offer.

You pay $310 at checkout, receive the order, make sure all is well, file the mail-in rebates following instructions and deadlines, and if all goes well, a few weeks later you receive a $250 prepaid American Express gift card by mail.