Canon Pixma MX492 AiO Printer for $20 w/FS [no ink] or $40 w/FS [with ink]

Groupon apparently began offering their own dedicated Daily Deals, and I just added this link to the “Daily Deals Links” in the Siderbar of this blog for your convenience (and to remind me to check daily)!

Among today’s Groupon daily deals is the new condition Canon Pixma MX492 AiO printer offered for $40 with free shipping and free returns. I don’t have my Groupon password memorized so I can’t check if coupon code SALE3 works on it. If it works, the price drops by 10%, making it $36, just above the $34.99 cut-off point for free shipping. This is part of the not-as-slow shipping (calling it faster would create allusions of Prime-like delivery), it ships in two business days instead of the default 7-10 business days. Ships, not delivered, in two business days after ordering! Key distinction here!

That’s if you want the printer as it comes in the retail box. If you already have inks for it or plan to buy them separately, you can get this printer without inks (no inks at all) for $20 with free shipping from discounter And free returns.

Speaking of $20 shipped printers, still good is the new condition Canon PIXMA MG2522 All-in-One Inkjet Printer at Walmart by Walmart itself