Canon G5X with Pixma PRO 100 and SG-201 for $650 after $350 MIR

The Canon G5X goes for $730 in new condition at authorized dealers (another one of the deals surfacing because of the Price Charts price-checking), but if you want to get it for less and you are not afraid of mail-in rebates and prepaid gift cards then…

… then to B&H Photo we go, where you can get the G5 X camera, along with the Pixma PRO 100 printer, and its SG-201 trusty sidekick paper (13×19″) for $650 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift cards).

Canon currently has an elaborate G-series line-up, with all the odd numbers up to 10 included. All except for the G1X use 1-inch sensors. The G1X is a 1.5″. A total of six active models are currently available (because the G9X has two generations available).

PRO TIP on mail-in rebates: if the mere mention of a mail-in rebate has you changing colors and dropping your last meal on the floor, you may want to avoid them! You can get some really good deals, but if you really hate the idea of doing and dealing with mail-in rebate issues, you may want to prioritize your ease of mind over the deal 🙂