Canon D-Rebel T6i with 18-55 IS STM and Rode Mic and Pixma PRO 100 Printer for $499 after $350 MIR

Are you a Rebel with an Audio Cause and an affinity for mail-in rebates? Adorama is offering the Canon EOS Rebel T6i with 18-55 RODE PIXMA kit for $499 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card). This includes the Canon D-Rebel T6i with 18-55mm IS STM in the Creator/Video/Audio kit with the RODE mic and SD card, along with the PIXMA PRO 100 printer, and its trusty sidekick (50pk SG-201). That’s a nice haul for $500 if you don’t hate mail-in rebates. Or if you like to sell/trade things, that gives you even more flexibility.