(ENDED) Canon 70D body + Pixma Pro 100 + Extras for $600 after $350 MIR

This particular offer ended with 150 units sold, but fear not, there should many more 70D offers in the future at various retailers…

Back to the eBay Deals we return, where BuyDig’s eBay store is offering a Canon 70D Printer Rebate bundle for $600 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid American Express gift card).

You receive the Canon 70D body only kit, the Pixma Pro 100 printer, a 50pk of SG201 13″ x 19″ photo paper, a camera bag and a memory card (either 32 or 64GB). You pay $950 at checkout, receive order, verify all is well, submit the rebate per instructions, and a few weeks later, receive a $350 prepaid American Express gift card by mail. To cut a long story short, $600 after MIR.